Reval's Version 1.30 Enhances FAS133 Effectiveness Reporting

NEW YORK, New York - July 31, 2001 - Reval* announces the release of version 1.30, highlighting additions to its Treasury Management System with an enhanced FAS133 module, XML-interface for data migration, and increased stress-testing capabilities.

"In addition to customer feedback on straight-through processing needs and increased reporting capabilities, our customers are counting on -Reval's FAS Task Force to keep them up-to-date with FAS133/138 regulatory reporting requirements," says Phil Pettinato, Chief Operating Officer. The FAS133 Module has been enhanced with reformatted detailed effectiveness reports that now include reporting period totals as well as OCI/ Earnings Release. Reval -also introduced a new summary report by hedge designation from which customers can easily access all detailed reporting for a period Reval's new XML Import Module is available for licensing, with the release of Version 1.30. It offers clients the ability to import new trades, and update or delete existing trades for seamless integration with other systems.

Historical market data management enhancements now provide clients with greater flexibility in the creation of their own historic market snapshots. This new version lays the foundation for clients to capture market data from additional sources.

Stress test reports have been enhanced to include folder and trade level detail. Scenario definitions now permit bumps by bps, pips, percent and absolute number. New drilldown functionality has been added to navigate between report levels in both stress testing and FAS effectiveness reports. With each enhancement, Reval's product suite continues to be extended. This release includes treasury locks-, zero coupon debt, and debt issued at a premium or discount, which will accrete in accordance with FAS 115 on an effective yield basis.

As Jiro Okochi, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, reminds us, "These modifications facilitate the development of future-generation products. We routinely perform customer surveys and utilize this feedback to assess Reval's role in future market trends. The information is used to extend our current product portfolio in foreign exchange and interest rate financial products. We will also use the feedback as an integral component in the development of additional product suites to be released later in the year."

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