New Millennium 'Street' Solutions Provider Helps Financial Firms Jump-Start for Upcoming Industry Initiatives

New York, NY - July 10, 2000 - Financial Technologies International (FTI), the leading provider of next generation real-time information solutions, announced today the formation of the T+1 Performance Group, a strategic planning resource for capital markets and asset management firms.

The T+1 Performance Group will provide FTI's clients and prospects with an opportunity to test their information processing capabilities in response to financial industry initiatives looming on the horizon, such as decimalization, the move to T+1, and the increasing transaction volumes anticipated from extended trading hours.

"The T+1 Performance Group ensures that financial services providers can prepare their systems initiatives for the future," said Richard Bemindt, FTI's chief technology officer. "Firms can gain competitive advantage by getting ahead of the demands that inevitably will come with higher volumes and the need for quicker turnaround. FTI is providing this value-added advantage today."

"Capital markets and asset management trading firms already anticipate a transaction volume spike over the next several years because of Internet saturation, industry initiatives and M&A activity," said Predrag Dizdarevic, FTI's president and chief executive officer. "The T+1 Performance Group gives firms the opportunity to measure their systems capabilities in this heady, new environment, and to work toward continual transaction processing in real time."

FTI's innovative street solutions are designed to meet the rapidly forming challenges faced by today’s financial industry. FTI's street solutions provide rules-based data standards, real-time transaction and market data consolidation, and operational accounting efficiency and control for capital markets, asset management, retail sales and trust & custody. The company's customers include the world's leading global financial institutions and emerging e-businesses with specific needs to create a scalable, flexible, robust systems methodology for supporting ongoing innovation at the speed of e-business.

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