New Powerful Tools To Assess Performance of Trading Systems

Data Shaping Solutions has consistently brought new dimensions to trading intelligence, beginning by providing statistical buy and sell signals online, in October 1999. The company has recently developed the Stock Market Forecaster, allowing stock traders to check market trends online for the Nasdaq or popular stocks.

Arguably the most innovative tool is the real past performance checker just incorporated to the Forecaster. This online application, available for free on, computes daily return over the last twelve months for any stock or index in a snap. It is the only online interactive system available in the trading community to assess real past performance of stock trading strategies.

Data Shaping is presently seeking partnerships to co-brand the Forecaster and increase market share for its financial products. The company expects to generate revenue by charging a monthly fee to use the online application.


Data Shaping Solutions, LLC, is an internet company designing
state-of-the-art statistical strategies applied to market research,
finance and the Internet. The company was founded in 1999 by Vincent
Granville, previously research fellow at Cambridge University (UK) and
senior statistician at Cnet. For more information, visit our web site at

The company, first profitable in October 2001, has seen its web traffic
increase by 400% between May and December. New products and services are
regularly released notably: DataShaper (Excel spreadsheet for
traders), credit card encryption and e-commerce, web robot technology,
advertising model, certificate in data engineering.

Vincent Granville, Ph.D.
Phone: 925-432-4104

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