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Finding effective global payment systems suited to your requirements is simple with bobsguide. From anti-money laundering solutions to financial technology that helps you meet industry standards and regulations, we offer the most up-to-date transfer systems software in the financial sector.

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Looking for effective global payment systems?

Today, companies in the payments sector and particularly financial institutions face a number of challenges. These include the increasing need to get new products to market more quickly, the pressure to increase efficiency while reducing cost, a demanding customer base and restrictive regulatory environment. New entrants into the payments space also mean that current players need to deliver innovative solutions in order to keep up. All of these challenges are forcing banks to find new and effective ways of delivering payments services.

To keep up with the pace of the payments industry, banks need innovative transfer software to be able to provide fast and secure online payments, as well as the ability to provide more robust cross-border payments and improved global capabilities to enable them to service a broader target market.

Companies involved in the online payments and transfer industry, need to be able to access technological solutions and transfer software that is reliable, efficient and relevant to their business needs which is vital in today's competitive and ever-changing environment.

Global payment systems and transfer software can help make it easier to comply with anti-money laundering regulations and keep in line with the latest industry standards. They can also provide companies with technology required to make secure transfers and cross-border payments.

bobsguide offers registered users that chance to investigate a range of different global payment system vendors who are offering solutions to your online payments and global payment requirements.

The types of global payment systems and transfer software available

There are many different types of global payment systems and transfer solutions available, each of which offers users help with specific tasks. Each company will be able to take advantage of the solution that most fits their needs.

We have separated the type of global payment systems and transfer software into different categories in order to make it as simple as possible to find the system you require:

The anti-money laundering solutions on our website help businesses to comply with regulations including the US Patriot Act and the rules of the US Office of Foreign Assets Control. There are also fraud detection and 'know your client' offerings available through our site.

Funds transfer products are designed to aid payments processing and money transfers in the banking system.

Meanwhile, the industry standards and regulation offerings help firms comply with laws governing the payments sector.

There is also software and services available to organisations requiring assistance with any aspect of reconciliation and matching systems.

STP solutions are also known as straight through processing software and help with the integration of front and back office functions. The technology can lower operating costs, reduce settlement risks and speed up process cycles.

Cash management systems are technologies designed to help with looking after liquidity, account balances, payments and a variety of other related functions.

The products listed in the FX & MM section of our website cover services, hardware and software for the foreign exchange and money markets.

SEPA solutions are for the Single Euro Payments Area, with offerings that make it easier to comply with domestic electronic payment rules in the eurozone.

More generally, we also offer a range of online/internet banking solutions that cover all financial sector functions.

We have collated the vast range of payment software from global payment system vendors to offer companies involved with the payments processes the chance to improve the day-to-day running of their company.

By registering with us today, you can make the most of all of the services bobsguide has to offer.