Working Capital Summit 18th October Chicago

18 October 2018 - 18 October 2018
Working Capital Summit 18th October Chicago
18 October 2018


Latest speakers announced for the 2018 event:

  • Elizabeth Buse, Former Executive at VISA and CEO of Monitise, will deliver her views on the future of innovation across the trade landscape – as the keynote for the Chicago event.
  • John Ferguson, Director of Global Forecasting at The Economist, will share his thoughts on the future of globalization as the keynote speaker for the San Francisco event.
  • René Pereira of Huawei and Sandeep Shroff of Aria Systems will discuss what it’s like to be a supplier when a buyer implements a new working capital improvement program.
  • Airgas will be sharing how their procurement team worked with Taulia to onboard their top suppliers, who now have 600k+ invoices automated through their program per year.
Andrew Wilson, Former Head of Working Capital for AstraZeneca, will be sharing his personal experience with working capital improvement technology at both events.