Webinar - The Prometeia AI-based Model Validation Framework

17 September 2020 - 17 September 2020
Webinar - The Prometeia AI-based Model Validation Framework
17 September 2020

With the dissemination of real-life Artificial Intelligence applications, 

validation of applied models

 becomes a fresh area to be standardized. Model validation has been for many years the responsibility of credit risk modelers, more familiar with regression-based models developed on tabular data. Nowadays, we observe several AI models using different 

neural network architectures and divergent algorithms of machine learning on not only tabular data but also text and image data


Within the 

AI4Risk Expert Circle

 project, in this 45-minute live session we will discuss Prometeia’s AI-based Model Validation Framework related to validating machine learning and even deep learning models on four distinctive pillars: 

Process, Data, Governance and Method