Host by Metasite Date December 10, 2020 12:00 am

[Webinar] Optimal Productivity in Fintech Engineering Version 2.0

Thrilled with the fantastic response to our first Optimal Productivity in Fintech Engineering webinar back in September, on Thursday 10 December 2020 we are coming back with Version 2.0!

We kept the original structure but will be covering even more practical examples and insights in this 1-hour session open to everyone.

Whether you are a fintech startup founder looking to build your first MVP, or a bank CTO tasked with updating a complex ecosystem of corporate platforms and applications, you want your software developers to deliver results quickly and reliably.

That rarely happens: of the 50,000 projects ranging from tiny enhancements to major global IT projects researched in Standish Group Chaos Report, only 29% were successful, 52% were challenged and 19% were outright failures.

These are terrifying statistics - but as years and decades go by you learn how to skew the odds in your favour.

Over the 23 years we have spent helping our clients - ranging from big names like Man Group, Equiniti, Bank Vontobel and Swedbank to emerging startups and SMEs like Bond Radar, Verse and Solum Financial - build out and integrate their digital platforms, we have discovered and adopted a number of principles, techniques and rules of thumb that help our fintech engineering teams get ever closer to optimal productivity.

In this Version 2.0 of our hour-long online webinar Metasite co-founder Aldas Kirvaitis will be discussing many of these techniques and tricks. Join us to learn which ones we have found to have the most positive impact on our fintech engineering teams’ performance - and compare to your own experience!


  • Zoom webinar - no need to fill in any registration forms, just hit "Accept" on the event's LinkedIn page and then click on the provided Zoom video conference link at 10am New York (EST) - 3pm London (GMT) - 4pm Zurich (CEST) time on Thursday 10th of December (you may want to add it to your calendar).

  • For those unable to attend the live session, we'll be making a recording available afterwards - but make sure to click "Accept" on the event's LinkedIn page so we can notify you once the recording is ready after the event.

  • The speaker - Metasite co-founder Aldas Kirvaitis.

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