Host by Prometeia Date April 5, 2022 03:00 pm Location Virtual

Webinar - Model Risk Management and Quantification: Challenges and Solutions

Prometeia complimentary 60-minute webinar. April 5th, 2022 - 15.00 CEST
Tech progress and economic innovation pave the way for a wide use of data and modeling for economic decision-making.Complex integrated schemes inform banking processes. As a consequence, financial institutions are required to effectively map these models on a stand-alone basis as well as components of integrated frameworks. Ongoing status assessment is required in light of a well-defined model risk governance and appetite design.

Furthermore, the assumption of inferring future dynamics from past experience is undermined by environment dramatic changes, like the ones we have been experiencing in recent weeks.

In such a context, a need arises to integrate non-traditional and traditional modeling techniques. Economic modeling, in conjunction with expert interpretation, constitutes a paradigm for a new generation of risk management.

At the same time, the wide use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence force institutions to strengthen their Model Risk Management procedures.

This webinar aims at providing a comprehensive view of current international practices and highlighting potential ways forward for tackling Model Risk growing challenges.

Agenda (CEST time)

15.00 - Prometeia Modeling Platform for Model Risk Management and Quantification

Dr. Tiziano Bellini, Head of Risk Integration competence line for International Markets at Prometeia

15.30 - Roundtable and Q&A with

Dr. Joseph Breeden, Board Member at Model Risk Management International Association and Co-Founder of Deep Future Analytics

Sid Dash, Research Director at Chartis Research

Suresh Sankaran, Head of Model Risk Governance at Metro Bank

Moderator: Dr. Tiziano Bellini