Webinar: Leveling up your fraud detection with Shared Intelligence

16 September 2020 - 16 September 2020
Webinar: Leveling up your fraud detection with Shared Intelligence
16 September 2020
Rachel Berry

 It’s never been more important to have in place a dynamic payments fraud detection strategy, one that is able to  flex and scale to adapt to changes in the risk landscape. As the payments world – and its associated fraud risks – becomes ever more digital, ever more real-time  and ever more connected, financial institutions (FIs) must ensure their fraud strategies do the same.

Although machine learning has become a default technology to enable FIs to achieve this, these tools have always been limited by barriers to intelligence sharing between FIs, and central infrastructure owners and regulators. These barriers include the compliance challenges of sharing actionable information outside of an organization, inconsistencies in sharing protocols and data formats, and creating a formalized central view of risk. 

ACI’s Shared Intelligence approach overcomes these difficulties by harnessing the power of the community to give FIs an industry-, region- or market-wide view of new and emerging threats. This webinar sees Cleber Martins, Director Product Management at ACI Worldwide and Damon Madden, Principal Fraud Consultant at ACI Worldwide, explore this while answering the three biggest questions around leveraging Shared Intelligence in your fraud detection and prevention strategy: 

  • How does Shared Intelligence work and what is the typical time to value for FIs?
  • What’s new about the community approach and how does it empower unprecedented collaboration?
  • How can Shared Intelligence reduce the cost and resource burden of regulatory compliance?