Host by Crealogix Date May 28, 2020 12:00 am

Live discussion - Human vs Robot: the Struggle for Good Automation in Wealth

In this live discussion we speak with three leading industry experts about whether "robo" and wider trends of automation are fundamentally at odds with the human and relationship-based business model of wealth management.


The discussion covers:
  • Is there a culture clash between technologists and relationship management?
  • Who should "own" technology in the wealth management firm?
  • What are the right ... and wrong ... ways to implement digital services?
  • In what ways will artificial intelligence (AI) soon start to affect the wealth management world?


This is the 6th episode in a series of 8+ live conversations looking at the strategic side of digitalisation for established wealth management firms and private banks.



1pm-2pm: panel discussion incorporating audience polls and Q&A

2pm-2.45pm: follow-on discussions via smaller networking video chat breakouts



Free to attend for senior leadership in financial brands. Recommended for people working in strategy, technology, operations, change, and digital transformation.


Our events generally include executives from established private banks and wealth management firms, alongside fintechs and challengers, plus media, analysts, and specialists in digital transformation.