Host by Prometeia Date May 19, 2020 12:00 am

How can stress-testing, scenario generation help banks in the time of Covid-19?

 In times like these, advanced scenario generation capabilities are mandatory. As a matter of fact, banks have recently dramatically increased their requests for baseline and stressed scenarios, methodological support and advisory for the projections of balance sheets, income statements and risks, outcome probability calculation. 

In this 45-minute live session, Prometeia will present its own macro-economic and macro-financial scenarios, followed by the introduction of its methodological and technological solutions in the field. 
The macroeconomic scenarios
Stefania Tomasini, Prometeia Partner
The macrofinancial context
Lea Zicchino, Prometeia Senior Partner
Prometeia's scenario generation tools and solutions
Maurizio Pierigè, Prometeia Partner