Free-to-Attend Webinar: How To Identify Lending Opportunities Earlier

11 December 2019 - 11 December 2019
11 December 2019
Kieran Darmody

Date: 11th December 2019 

Time: 10:30am (GMT)

Firms who offer lending need better digital insights in order to build closer relationships with their customers and meet their lending needs more proactively. These customers have always been presented with information on their previous financial behaviour, but so little on what they need to know in the future.
With Slide, you can foresee your customers’ future financial positions and help them to react to cash issues before they occur. Join this webinar to discover how Slide can help you:

1. Find lending opportunities faster

2. Target your market more efficiently

3. Risk-analyse and price more accurately

4. Improve relationships with your customers

5. Access rich data sources on cash flow driven behaviour