Host by IHS Markit Date February 11, 2020 12:00 am

Data Management in the 2020s: Glenmede CTO in Conversation with IHS Markit

Join experts from IHS Markit and Glenmede Trust Company for a discussion about the data management trends that are set to define the new decade, based on the findings of independent research by WBR Insights. 


Analysis by WBR Insights has highlighted and quantified a number of interesting buy-side data management trends, including cloud adoption (52% of those surveyed now use the cloud), data warehousing (46% will have a warehouse in two years) and the management of account data (26% still have no confidence in their account data). Other topics covered include the impact of system integration, reporting, automation and transparency.


During this webinar, Kieran Gallagher (Head of Product Management, EDM Warehouse, IHS Markit) and Louis Pellicori (CTO, Glenmede) will discuss what is behind these findings; how they compare with their own experiences; where the industry is heading over the coming decade; and how practitioners can get ahead of the curve.


Topics covered during this interactive webinar will include:

•The role of the data warehouse

•Strategies for improving the quality of account data

•Streamlining the implementation of a data warehouse

•Maximizing the value of the cloud for data management

•Tackling the data management challenges created by system integration

•Enhancing reporting capabilities