Host by AutoRek Date November 23, 2021 12:00 am Location Online

CASS 5 for Insurance - Fireside Chat

CASS 5 has been in the spotlight for insurers in the last 12 months, especially since the FCA's Dear CEO letter revealed how insurance intermediaries will be further scrutinised for their CASS compliance moving forward.

According to our research:

-More than 50% of modern financial firms say that CASS reconciliations would benefit the most from automation
-40% of firms are investing in technology to assist with CASS operations over the next two years
-71% of insurance firms are pushing for automation to meet regulatory pressures, eliminate manual processes and reduce long-term costs
-Looking ahead, it is clear that more insurance firms are prioritising greater levels of automation to meet their CASS requirements.

You are invited to join our fireside chat where AutoRek’s Piers Williams, Murray Campbell and Lyn Canavan help insurance firms on this transition.

In the webinar, learn more about:

-Implications of CASS 5 for the Insurance industry
-A 12-month update on the FCA’s Dear CEO letter
-Key benefits of automating CASS compliance
-How AutoRek can be integrated with existing systems