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Data solutions and systems software from bobsguide can help to facilitate the collection, analysis and storage of a company's valuable information. These data solutions software include computer programmes as well as staffing options and professional courses.

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Are you in need of data solutions and systems?

Data management within the financial information sector can be extremely complicated. With such a vast amount of information constantly becoming available, it's no wonder that businesses turn to data solution vendors to simplify the task of making sense of it all.

Today, it's necessary to analyse both structured and unstructured data to better service your customers and clients. All of this data is a lot to handle for one firm which is where data solution vendors may be able to help. The analysis of data is often time consuming and by choosing the right data solutions software provider and data system you could have more time to focus on the core aspects of your business, meet customer requirements, manage risk and regulation easily.

Of course, figuring out which data solutions and systems will best suit a particular company's requirements can be tricky. That's why bobsguide has assembled comprehensive listings of all the data solution vendors and products available.

Not only do we provide information to help you make the right choice for data management solutions and data software in your business, but by registering with us, we'll also keep you up to date with the latest news, events and job vacancies.

Choosing the best data solutions and systems

The data management requirements of every company will vary, depending on a number of factors, including the type of work that the business does and the size of the company.

To help you find the best data systems for your requirements and for easy browsing, we've organised our services into distinct categories which show all data solution vendors in that category.

The purpose of business intelligence systems is to help companies make strong and accurate decisions. These data management solutions collect, integrate, analyze and present business information in a clear and precise manner.

The selection of corporate actions data management solutions available includes data software, hardware and services for managing cash dividends, stock splits, reverse splits and merger and spinoff information.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a type of data software used by companies to manage client interactions, with functions including storing and analysing information.

Data distribution systems provide assistance in caching, managing and distributing financial data, while data warehousing systems offer an ability to store information for future analysis.

If you're looking for data software, hardware and services for the development and implementation of procedures and policies to manage the lifecycle of an enterprise, take a look at our data management solutions.

Low latency data feeds are a type of data management system that provide for extremely fast processing of information. They are especially useful for companies that undertake trading in capital markets.

Market data software is designed to provide businesses with real-time information regarding regulatory changes and compliance requirements. Information search and knowledge delivery data software provides applications for compliance monitoring and watch lists.

Using mathematical algorithms, financial modelling data software creates analysis and forecasts of how a business would react to various economic situations or events.

Presentation and management reporting data software utilises dashboard interfaces and web portals to display information online and in real time, making them ideal for sharing risk and exception statistics.

Pricing and analytics data software solutions assist users with pricing strategies, with functions including tracking, forecasting and optimisation. This data management option will help to improve business practices and boost income.

Reference data management systems are designed to collect, analyze, consolidate and distribute reference data, ensuring that all information is incorporated effectively throughout an enterprise.

Finding data systems with bobsguide

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