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Windham Portfolio Advisor

The Windham Portfolio Advisor® (WPA) is a portfolio construction and risk management software suite. The WPA enables investors to form and manage portfolios of asset classes, countries, sectors, currencies, investment managers, portable alphas, and hedge funds.

WPA - Risk Manangement

The Windham Portfolio Advisor – Risk Management software incorporates within-horizon risk measures. These measures capture the nature of investment risk more realistically by taking into account exposure to loss throughout an investment period, not just at its conclusion.

WPA - Risk Regimes

The Windham Portfolio Advisor software – The Risk Regimes module allows users to partition historical returns into quiet and turbulent regimes. This new technology enables investors to identify portfolios that are more resilient to turbulent markets and to stress-test investment strategies.

WPA - Risk Budgeting

The Windham Portfolio Advisor software – Risk Budgeting module converts optimal allocations into risk budgets providing investors with greater insight into the sources of risk in a portfolio.

WPA - Full-scale Optimization

The Windham Portfolio Advisor software – Full-scale Optimization module is ideal for allocating portfolios to hedge funds and other assets that exhibit non-normal features. It considers all attributes of a return sample and accommodates realistic assumptions about investor preferences.