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screen events

Screen Markets is recognized for bringing together user and vendor communities in major financial centres. The Screen Events offer a further way to understand and stay ahead of the market. One-day exhibitions act as a place to meet vendors in a single place – as well as an opportunity for networking

Financial Information Tracking System (FITS)

The Roberts Group’s Financial Information Tracking System, or FITS, is the industry’s most comprehensive market data inventory management SaaS solution. FITS is the perfect tool to manage down costs and identify potential savings across an organization.

INFOmatch - leading market data management system

INFOmatch is a leading market data management solution. The system contains essential tools such as the Bloomberg Firm-Wide SID Reader and the Reuters DACS interface and supports cost allocation, contract administration, invoice reconciliation, permissioning and management reporting.

FITS - Market Data Inventory Management

Advanced. Powerful. Configurable. FITS is the most mature and robust SaaS market data management product suite in the world. Clients can combine its feature-rich modules into flexible configurations to serve the most complex vendor environments and scale as necessary.

FITS Consulting

For organizations with limited resources or expertise, TRG Market Data Analysts can integrate with client-side market data groups either on an on-going or project-by-project basis to help companies improve their internal processes for maximum efficiency.

Market Data Management Outsourcing

Using its market-leading FITS platform, TRG can provide a managed service to cover such operations as: •Inventory and cost administration •Management and vendor reporting •Invoice reconciliation •Contract management •And more…

Investment Management Consultancy

The core competencies of Screen Consultants in this market segment are the understanding of the clients business and the associated business core processes through the entire value chain of an Investment Management company. This includes all applications, products and related transactions.

Market Data Management software- INFOmatch

INFOmatch is your market data management dashboard that supports cost allocation, contract administration, invoice reconciliation and permissioning. It helps you to save cost, it ensures that you stay compliant with your vendor and exchange agreements and it simplifies market data management.

Market Data Optimisation - Screen INFOmatch

The type of Market Data projects Screen INFOmatch provides range from Quick Scans and ‘health checks’ to ensure client cost are “in sync” with the industry benchmark, to global market data optimisation projects which have achieved between 5% and 25% savings within the first year.

Market Data Benchmarking - Screen INFOmatch

Screen INFOmatch offers a market data benchmarking solution which allows firms to compare their market data costs to industry standards. You’ll have insight in the position of your organisation compared to your peers in terms of market data products in use, including associated cost and contracts.

Market Data Outsourcing - Screen INFOmatch

Finding the right staff to manage market data internally may prove to be challenge. You could partner with true market data experts. Screen INFOmatch offers the right skills for you. MAC management – Invoice checking/reconciliation – Contract administration – Budgeting – Reporting.

Market Data Courses - Screen INFOmatch

Introduction to Real-Time Financial Market Data – Market Data Management – Introduction to Reuters’ Market Data System (RMDS) – The impact of Regulation (reg NMS and MiFID) and (the technology of) Algorithmic trading on the Market Data Industry – Introduction to Reference Data.

One-day events for the Professional Investment community

Screen’s one-day events bring together the end user and vendor communities in major Financial centers. They consist of an exhibition with international vendors, a high level conference program and a panel discussion; meet new vendors, discover the latest developments / solutions and meet your peers.

Market Data Consultancy

Screen provides vendor independent Market Data Project Management services, including market data optimisation, – outsourcing and – benchmarking, compliancy auditing, user profiling. trading floor infrastructure and courses & training.