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Collateral Management

SmartStream’s collateral management solution takes an exceptions-based approach, delivering comprehensive functionality that is fully compliant with regulation. It provides financial institutions with confidence in all aspects of their collateral management programmes, including margin call workflow automation, optimisation, reporting, audit and reconciliations across all business lines. It can be deployed in the cloud, in a hosted …

Managed services and cloud environments

SmartStream is recognised as the trusted partner in the delivery of cloud-based and managed services solutions. These solutions are designed to realise customers’ operational excellence goals. Our services, which focus heavily on business outcomes, are pivotal in achieving significant risk and cost reductions, while also improving business transparency and efficiency. Immediately accessible through a broad …

Intraday Liquidity Stress Testing

Intraday liquidity stress testing is now more essential than ever In response to the coronavirus pandemic, financial authorities in several jurisdictions have deferred, but not done away with, BCBS 248 intraday liquidity stress testing. Yet the pandemic, and the turbulent conditions it has created, has made this type of stress testing more essential than ever. …

Post Trade Processing

Post-trade processes, with their layers of legacy technology systems, infrastructures and workflows, are currently complex and inefficient. They are costly, too, with billions of dollars now spent by the financial industry on trade processing. The need to cut overheads, improve profitability and establish greater operational resilience is making increased efficiency in this area more imperative …

Digital Payments and Investigations

SmartStream’s digital payments solution automates reconciliation, settlement, fee calculation and dispute management processes. It supports all payments players, irrespective of size. Integrating artificial intelligence, it enables rapid on-boarding and complete transaction lifecycle management. The solution allows payment investigations for SWIFT and RTGS to be carried out. Pre-configured workflows automate large parts of the exception handling …

SmartStream Air

SmartStream Air v2 is the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology to transform data quality and reconciliation processes that would usually be measured in weeks and months, to just seconds. In addition, with cloud-based technology accessed via a new user interface, it manages large volumes of data, in any format, to achieve even higher match rates. …

Fees and Expense Management

SmartStream’s fees and expense management platform and services provide banks with a best-in-class in expense and revenue efficiency solution. This is central to banks’ execution cost management strategies, supporting the accounting and invoice control function for expense processing, and facilitating strategic management of fees through data-driven decision-making. Near real time reporting on daily volumes and …

Corporate Actions

Effective governance of corporate actions processing is achieved through event-driven automation and active alerting for all corporate action events and proxy meetings. The management of frequently changing event details, under the pressure of notification and election deadlines across multiple intermediaries, requires a digitally optimised approach. SmartStream’s corporate actions processing solution eases the operational drag associated …


SmartStream’s reconciliations solutions automate and standardise processing to enhance match rates and operational insight. They incorporate comprehensive exception management, essential for the identification, prioritisation, allocation and audit of issues identified by reconciliations. Our technology can be flexibly deployed and consumed through the cloud, as microservices, on-premise or via managed services. Integrated AI and machine learning …

SmartStream Reference Data Utility (RDU)

SmartStream provides the highest quality reference data, enabling organisations to trade electronically with success, automate operations and report accurately to regulators. SmartStream’s reference data services satisfy complex reference data needs through the provision of a security master built using industry best practices. Unhampered by the resource and budget restraints currently facing many financial organisations, our …

Cash & Liquidity Management

SmartStream’s cash and liquidity management solution assists financial institutions to consolidate siloed infrastructures, capturing transactions from any internal or external source to create a single, global view of balances across all currencies and accounts. In addition, by using SmartStream’s intraday liquidity stress testing module, institutions can run comprehensive stress scenarios in minutes. This ensures a …

TLM Confirmations Management

As FX, MM and derivative volumes continue to rise, automated confirmations matching is a critical step in the fast and efficient execution of deal settlement. Furthermore, with margins under pressure firms require an intelligent, enterprise-wide solution that can automatically match as many transactions as possible. TLM Confirmations Management software solution addresses the post-trade confirmation needs …

TLM Balanace Sheet Substantiation

At many firms the financial close process at period end is still characterised by fragmented manual processes and re-keying of data. This presents too many occasions for human error, carries a high cost, lacks the proper operational controls and can put firms at risk of mis-statements. SmartStream’s TLM Balance Sheet Substantiation creates a unified, automated …