Data is just the beginning.

Mission Statement

Serving more than 40,000 institutions in approximately 190 countries, Refinitiv provides information, insights and technology that drive innovation and performance in global financial markets. Our heritage of integrity enables our customers to make critical decisions with confidence while our best-in-class data and cutting-edge technologies enable greater opportunity.
We enable the financial community to trade smarter and faster, overcome regulatory challenges, and scale intelligently. Data is just the beginning.

Refinitiv Values

By combining over 160 years of Reuters heritage with the latest technology and industry innovation, we’re blending our history with the future to create opportunity from change.

High-performance products are powered by high-performance people. We’re building a culture that values pushing boundaries together and taking ownership and action.

The greatest driver of innovation is freedom of access – to the best data, smart tools and human expertise. That’s why we invest in our community-driven open platform – to break down barriers and create choice.

Refinitiv Labs
Refinitiv™ Labs collaborate with customers around the world to solve big problems and rapidly prototype and validate solutions using data science and lean techniques.


Refinitiv provides data, analytics, trading, and risk assessment tools, insights and technology which drive innovation and performance in global financial markets, so you can trade smarter and faster, overcome regulatory challenges, and scale intelligently. We serve more than 40,000 institutions in 190 countries.


A Day At Refinitiv

40,000 customers around the globe
$600 billion in bond trading supported
400,000+ end users in approximately 190 countries
7 million price updates per second
5,000+ investment firms and hedge funds supported
$400+ billion in FX trading
40 billion market updates delivered
53 billion real time pricing updates distributed


Solutions for every financial sector

Market Data
Cloud Computing
Regulation Technology
Investing & Advisory
Wealth Management
Risk Management
Sustainable Finance
Corporate Treasury
Financial Crime
Islamic Finance


David Craig, CEO of Refinitiv
Debra Walton, Chief Revenue Officer
Brian West, Chief Financial Officer
Emily DiMiceli, Chief Customer Operations Officer
Ben Shepherd, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer
Phil Wellard, Chief Information Officer
Alex Fergus, Chief People Officer
Darren Pocsik, General Counsel
Eileen Lynch, Chief Marketing Officer
Andrea Remyn Stone, Chief Customer Proposition Officer