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Candyce Edelen
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Lead Generation and Nurturing

Our methodology enables sales/marketing to effectively nurture leads by delivering targeted communications to your prospects, which in turn helps your company to turn leads into qualified opportunities that can close. See more at

Go-to-Market Strategy

Develop a winning go-to-market strategy with a detailed analysis of capital markets segments that can profit most from your firm’s capabilities and are underserved by your competition. Visit for more.

Generate Demand in Capital Markets

When selling complex solutions to the capital markets, you often have to help the prospect understand their needs before they will see the value in your solution. Learn how to generate demand for your product/service at

Increase sales with a thought leadership program

To attract capital markets decision makers at the business level, you must address their business problems. A thought leadership program can help to create conversations around issues and make you a trusted advisor. To view an example, go to

PropelGrowth Blog

Timely and relevant articles as well as tips for effectively marketing and selling to the financial services industry. Visit