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“At Schwab, we wanted to build scale, improve our productivity and decrease risk by automating reconciliations coming from eclectic systems. We chose Enterprise Exception Management System because we wouldn’t be able to do what we are doing with any o

Mission Statement

ProfitStars is division of Jack Henry & Associates, a publicly traded company with $500 million in annual revenues, and a deep understanding of the technologies and applications supporting the financial services industry. ProfitStars’s robust operational risk management solutions offer such high performance, strong security features and unlimited flexibility for global financial companies. Consider the ease of configurability without custom programming and rapid project implementations and you will realize a strong ROI with ProfitStars solutions.


As a diverse, global division of Jack Henry & Associates, ProfitStars combines JHA’s solid technology background with the latest breakthroughs in six performance-boosting solution groups – financial performance, imaging, payments, information security & risk management, retail delivery, and online & mobile.


Enterprise Exception Management System provides a “standard” platform for the enterprise that works across any line of business, any product, any system, and with data in any format. This allows institutions to integrate operational risk data from anywhere in their extended enterprise, streamline business processes that contribute to operational risk, consolidate back office operations, eliminate manual processes, and gain real-time insight to the status of key risk indicators and the erroneous data and transactions that cause exceptions.

Business Solutions
Compliance — Whether it is compliance with regulatory requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, and the USA PATRIOT Act, or compliance against internal policies and standards, ProfitStars’ solutions give the ability to track and monitor your key risk indicators (KRIs), implement processes against controls, and automate actions and notifications for any out-of-compliance transaction or activity.

Reconciliation and Exception Management — Conduct high performance reconciliation of data and transactions from any system, according to your business rules. Our solutions automatically identify exceptions, automate the investigation and resolution of those exceptions, provide the workflow and management tools to assign and monitor exceptions, and has notifications and dashboards to allow management to analyze and assess the risks associated with exceptions.

Business Intelligence — Our BI tools give you the ability to have custom views of risk and exception data throughout your organization. Display, analyze and drill down on performance metrics, exceptions, and key risk indicators to gain a single integrated view of risk within lines of business and at the enterprise level.

Operational Risk Management – ProfitStars’ entire suite provides a framework, application templates and utilities for managing operational risk wherever it occurs in the enterprise.


Technology Solutions
Enterprise Exception Management System’s high performance, scalable, Services Oriented Architecture plays well with other systems and integrates easily into an enterprise infrastructure. The configurability of the system, combined with a rich set of application extension points, allow our products to achieve any level of integration desired and typically be deployed in one-third of the time of other solutions. Enterprise Exception Management System’s security features are unsurpassed and easily satisfy the auditors, examiners and internal IT for some of the worldÂ’s most sophisticated global institutions.

Enterprise Exception Management System for Operational Risk Management is made up of the following integrated components:

nBalance — This advanced, rules-based technology with embedded middleware (EII, ETL) powers all Enterprise Exception Management System solutions. nBalance provides all data access, validation, enrichment and normalization functions, and will automatically reconcile transactions between systems and parties – without custom programming.

Case Manager — this browser-based component enables real-time exception resolution and repair via corporate intranets or with third parties over the Internet. Case Manager filters and sorts data corrects breaks, and automatically routes and reroutes them among individuals resolving exceptions. Case Manager’s work flow capabilities are so powerful; it can be deployed regardless of the reconciliation system or other electronic system in which the data was generated.

Exception Manager — is the automated support for the specialists who handle the more complex breaks where the solution is not obvious. Auto escalation, notification, and assignments are completely configurable according to the needs of the client. The system provides full data sort, filtering, report view manipulation, aggregation, authority limits (who can do what), and detailed time and date stamping of all actions taken by the system under rules control or taken manually by a user.

Risk and Control Dashboard — provides management a real-time consolidated view of the key indicators of operational and financial risk. It presents metrics associated with exceptions over time, by configurable performance categories, and shows the associated financial exposure. The Risk and Control Console is a versatile framework that lets institutions configure any display of data, coming from any electronic system, in any way they want to see it. In addition, The Console can interface with any enterprise reporting tools and applications.


David Foss, General Manager
Steve Tomson, National Sales Manager
Steve Mantz, Group President
Brit McPherson, Product Marketing Manager