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“Principia is integral to the ongoing investment analysis and automated processes that drive our entire trade lifecycle management. Its provision of data and powerful analytics ensure accurate valuations and the effective risk management of our investment

Mission Statement

Principia provides the most comprehensive software solution for the end-to-end management of structured finance investments. Financial institutions and independent investment managers use Principia SFP to better understand and manage structured credit and fixed income instruments, from front to back office. It unifies the unique data, analysis, reporting and operational requirements of these holdings on a single, dedicated platform.


Principia delivers the most comprehensive unified software solution for ABS, MBS, CDO, fixed income & derivatives investment analysis, risk management & accounting.


Dedicated to the unique requirements of structured finance, with comprehensive capital markets functionality, Principia SFP supports the management and administration of ABS, RMBS, CMBS, CDO and fixed-income transactions alongside their associated liabilities and hedges.

Know your investments:

Deeper Investment Analysis
• Unify performance and deal data from any source, for on-demand portfolio analysis
• Provide on demand insight into future performance with advanced cashflow analytics and forecasting across asset classes, geographies and portfolios
• ‘Slice and dice’ investments by any combination of collateral, deal or portfolio characteristics
• Bring assets, liabilities and hedges together in one view to analyze across deals and portfolios

Proactive Risk Management
• Define and monitor any asset collateral performance measure to highlight risk sensitivities
• Stress test deals and portfolios by default, prepayment, interest rates or other cashflow assumptions to know your exposures and predict future behavior
• Process and disseminate risk reports for any stratification of the business
• Reduce barriers to maintaining accurate and timely internal, investor and regulatory compliance

Streamlined Operations
• Centrally manage all portfolios (on/off-balance sheet) to increase efficiency and transparency
• Operational backbone from portfolio management through risk control and into accounting
• Eliminate inconsistencies and maintain audit control from front to back office
• Establish rules based workflows to ensure operational compliance and efficiency

Principia’s dedication to overcoming the complexities of managing structured finance minimizes operational distractions so you can focus on your core business.

Consistently delivering market specific functionality, Principia SFP sets the benchmark for structured finance. No other commercial or in-house system offers the same breadth of integrated functionality or product coverage. This includes market-ready investment analysis, accounting and operational reports and workflows for rapid implementation, as well as a fully customizable framework to create business specific workflows, reports and processes.


Since 1995, Principia has been dedicated to the innovation, development and support of software that addresses the ever-changing requirements of structured finance market participants.

Principia’s founding partners bring over three decades of structured finance and capital markets experience to the company, having held senior management positions within leading financial institutions.

Coming to market as a proven portfolio management, risk analytics and valuation platform, the partners’ vision was to develop the Principia Structured Finance Platform (Principia SFP) into the most comprehensive solution available for the management and administration of structured finance portfolios.

Today, that vision is a reality. Principia SFP allows the complete integration of data from any external or internal source and consolidates multiple systems and business lines onto one platform. Within this dedicated environment organizations can manage and monitor all structured credit and fixed income assets, liabilities and derivatives. This enables more consistent, detailed and timely investment analysis, transparent risk management and reporting and streamlined operational control, right through to accounting.

A broad range of financial institutions and independent investment managers use Principia to analyze their investments, manage their risks and streamline their operations.

The company has won Credit magazine’s annual technology innovation award for three consecutive years in 2008, 2009 and 2010 recognizing its dedication to delivering the functionality required by structured finance bond holders.


Principia provides dedicated software solutions to financial institutions and independent investment managers that manage and administer structured finance investments.

Credit investment operations within banks, managing on- and/or off-balance sheet structured credit and fixed income investment portfolios use Principia SFP. It facilitates deeper investment analysis and comprehensive risk surveillance and reporting, streamlined into an accounting and financial reporting framework for seamless integration with treasury.

Insurance Companies
Large insurance firms investing in ABS, MBS and CDO securities carry out their on-going asset and asset-liability management activities on the Principia platform. It delivers the end-to-end infrastructure to structure and analyze investment opportunities, manage hedging and risk compliance activities, disclose deal performance information and automate accounting.

Independent Investment Managers
Investment management firms that buy, hold and manage structured finance assets use Principia SFP. It provides the operational backbone to diligently manage these assets and prove to investors that the necessary infrastructure, risk oversight and controls are in place. It also streamlines integration with custodians and trustees.

Third Party Administrators
Principia SFP delivers the sophistication, risk reporting and audit control required for the on-going administration of clients’ complex portfolios as they demand greater transparency and a proven operational infrastructure from their third-party service providers.

ABCP Conduits and Off Balance Sheet Operations
Multi-seller ABCP conduits, securities arbitrage conduits and other special purpose vehicles use Principia SFP for the lifecycle management of their assets, associated funding instruments and hedging derivatives. This includes deal definition and set-up, managing daily conduit operational tasks, periodic reporting to all industry participants, and accounting.

Derivatives Managers
A comprehensive range of financial instruments and products can be structured, valued and managed on the platform. For 15 years Principia SFP has been used by the buyside to price and manage both vanilla instruments and more complex structures with embedded optionality.

Subtle nuances of these structures, such as tenor and basis spread adjustments can also be incorporated. Historical and daily market data comes as standard. Valuations can be calculated daily or on-demand, alongside cashflow analysis and powerful forecasting.


Our team of seasoned structured finance and capital markets professionals and alliance organizations have been assembled to leverage extensive hands-on experience in finance, trading and financial technology to develop and support the Principia software solutions.