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Investment Technology Group -- New York Head Office

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Eric Soderberg
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Investment Technology Group, Inc., is a specialized agency brokerage and technology firm with vast experience spanning the entire investment process.


History and Philosophy

Founded in 1991, Macgregor is a premier financial technology provider servicing the global investment community. Macgregor provides financial institutions with the technology infrastructure and applications required to radically improve the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the entire investment process. Macgregor’s Extended OMSs (order management systems) give clients superior connectivity to all necessary internal functions and external organizations required for a seamless trading environment. Macgregor’s extended architecture affords its clients and partners the unique efficiencies and power that can only be achieved through a large, diverse and well-connected community of users.

Macgregor has an appreciation for the incredible speed with which the value of investment information decreases over time as thousands of people at hundreds of organizations chase the same investment opportunities. We recognize that those firms that are a fraction slower, a little less efficient, or who make the slightest mistakes do not fare well. Sustainable competitive advantage we believe can only be achieved by those organizations that can increase the relative speed by which they acquire, process and act on investment information.

We focus our attention on the areas of the investment process where increased speed can have the greatest impact: the front and middle-office. Fundamental to our development approach is an emphasis on optimizing investment operations to improve investment performance, rather than simply minimizing the cost of operations. The cost of not acting fast, we feel, is often greater than the operational costs a firm is trying to save with patient and careful trade implementation methods.

We also believe that the investment process can only be as strong as the weakest link and that a solution that can not integrate the pre-trade, trade and post-trade areas of a client’s workflow is inferior. And to do that successfully means extending the solution beyond the investment manager’s walls to include the brokers, exchanges, custodians, settlement and clearing organizations and a variety of service providers that are all necessary parts of the investment process.

In 1993 we introduced the industry’s first Windows-based trade order management system, Predator. What was most unique about Predator was that in not only integrated the investment manager’s internal portfolio management, compliance, trading and operations areas but also real-time market data and a fully supported network that provided access to brokers and other sources of liquidity. In 1997 we established the industry’s first FIX network, and in 1999 acquired Merrin Financial to become the industry’s leading provider of trade order management systems. Today, Macgregor counts many of the top investment management firms, brokers and ECNs in the world as its clients.

With a pioneering legacy of innovation in the development of technology-based solutions and an unmatched track record of successful system implementations, Macgregor’s employees remain dedicated to delivering workflow solutions that improve our client’s investment performance.


Steven D. Levy, CFA
Co-Founder, President and CEO
Since founding the company in 1991, Mr. Levy has built Macgregor into one of the premier global investment technology companies in the financial industry today. With a unique vision for the developing role of technology in the buy-side investment community, he keeps Macgregor well ahead of the changing needs of the marketplace.

In 1994, Mr. Levy successfully transitioned the company from an information systems consulting and custom development firm to a supplier of productized buy-side trade automation technology, including the industry’s first Windows-based trade order management system, Predator.

Mr. Levy spearheaded the 1999 acquisition of Merrin Financial from ADP, and positioned the company for substantial growth by securing $32 million in venture capital funding in the second half of 2000.

Prior to founding Macgregor, Mr. Levy was Vice President and Quantitative Analyst at Putnam Investments. There he led the development of a suite of software tools that enabled the rapid creation of integrated investment applications in distributed, heterogeneous environments. Mr. Levy also pioneered the use of client/server architecture at the firm.

Before joining Putnam, Mr. Levy worked in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Group at Salomon Brothers, applying AI techniques to CMO trading and issuance. Mr. Levy also held positions with the AI Group at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, and the MIT Sloan School of Management Center for Information Systems Research.

Mr. Levy holds a BS in Computer Science, a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Artificial Intelligence from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and member of the Boston Securities Analyst Society.


Rolando Rabines, CFA
Co-Founder, CTO
Mr. Rabines is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Macgregor. Mr. Rabines is responsible for identifying trends in industries that directly impact the company’s business and product strategy, with a primary focus on the asset management industry and information technology sector. He helps set Macgregor’s long-term vision and determines the company’s overall technology direction, overseeing software specifications and the design and development of all major product extensions.

From the beginning, his proven ability to successfully bring new technologies and products to market has given Macgregor its reputation in the industry as an innovative market leader. Under Mr. Rabines, Macgregor was the first vendor to release a Windows-based trade order management system, Predator, in 1994. In 1995, Macgregor was the first vendor to offer FIX connectivity to clients, and established the industry’s first FIX network, MFN, in 1997. Before developing Predator, Mr. Rabines worked as a consultant to a number of asset management organizations, developing a wide array of proprietary investment applications including backtesting, performance attribution, data warehousing, client reporting, portfolio modeling and trading.

Prior to founding Macgregor in 1991, Mr. Rabines was a Systems Architect at Bolt Beranek and Newman (BBN). He led the commercialization of large scale networked simulation systems technologies developed by BBN for military training and weapon system evaluation. These technologies introduced a new paradigm for simulation based collective team training and weapon system procurement. He also held technical staff positions at the BBN Internet Group, the Motorola Portable Communication Products Division, and the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science.

Mr. Rabines holds a BS in Computer Science and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and member of the Boston Securities Analyst Society.


John G. O’Brien, CPA
EVP, Chief Financial Officer
Mr. O’Brien is EVP, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), at Macgregor, where he is responsible for directing all financial and legal functions. He will also play an active role in MacgregorÂ’s operational management.

Mr. O’Brien joins Macgregor from Xchange, Inc., where he was VP, CFO. Prior to that, he held senior positions at Advanced Modular Solutions, Avid Technology, Wang Laboratories, Inc., and Computervision Corporation. Mr. O’Brien is a Certified Public Accountant with more than 20 years of high-tech financial management experience.

Mr. O’Brien holds a BS from Northeastern University and an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.


Stephen Alepa, CFA
EVP, Networks and e-Markets
Mr. Alepa is EVP, Networks and e-Markets, at Macgregor, and is responsible for the development of e-marketplaces as well as the expansion of the Macgregor FIX Network to support complete straight-through processing (STP).

Before joining Macgregor, Mr. Alepa was the Partner-in-Charge of Arthur Andersen’s Financial Services practice in New England. His responsibilities at Andersen included defining and developing the industry group’s strategic initiatives, including its STP service offering. Prior to Arthur Andersen, Mr. Alepa held senior positions at Coopers & Lybrand and Andersen Consulting. For over 13 years, Mr. Alepa has provided strategic counsel to financial markets firms looking to enhance their front, middle and back office processes, organizations and systems.

Mr. Alepa has published several articles and is a frequent speaker on financial markets opportunities and challenges. He was a contributing author in Arthur Andersen’s study, “Investment Management and Trading Operations – Achieving Competitive Advantage through Productivity and Quality.”

Mr. Alepa has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is a member of the Boston Securities Analyst Society. He holds a Finance degree from Georgetown University’s School of Business and also studied international finance at Oxford University.


Darren Scandone
EVP, Human Resources
Mr. Scandone is EVP, Human Resources, at Macgregor, where he is responsible for developing programs that support and enhance a rewarding, high-performance corporate culture. Mr. Scandone drives the aggressive hiring initiative that will double Macgregor’s staff size over the next 12 months, and is spearheading a comprehensive employee training and professional development program. Mr. Scandone has more than 20 years of experience delivering HR strategies that propel corporate growth.

Before joining Macgregor, Mr. Scandone was VP of Human Resources at CVS. Prior to CVS, he spent 7 years as VP of Human Resources with OAK Industries, a $350M communications company with 3500 employees. At OAK, Mr. Scandone designed and managed HR programs including compensation, benefits, executive programs, incentive programs, technical and executive staffing, and training and development.

Prior to OAK, Mr. Scandone held senior management HR positions at Motorola Corporation and Polaroid Corporation.

Mr. Scandone holds a BS in Economics and Operations Management from Boston College.


Bob Weathersby
EVP, Product Development
As EVP, Product Development, Mr. Weathersby is responsible for all aspects of OMS development. Mr. Weathersby joins Macgregor from, where he was CTO and VP of Software Development. In this role, he was responsible for all aspects of software development and infrastructure, played an active role in the companyÂ’s evolving organizational structure, and introduced processes that ensured the timely definition and delivery of product functionality.

Mr. Weathersby has extensive experience in software development, having previously held senior development positions at Lotus Development Corp., ISI Systems, Inc., and Liberty Mutual Insurance Group.

Mr. Weathersby holds a BS, Summa Cum Laude, from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, a BS, Summa Cum Laude, from New Hampshire College, and an MS, Magna Cum Laude, from Boston University.


Rob Flatley
EVP, Sales and Marketing
Mr. Flatley is EVP, Sales and Marketing, at Macgregor, where he is responsible for all g lobal OMS sales and marketing activity. Mr. Flatley also oversees strategic alliances and client management.

Mr. Flatley previously served as SVP, Worldwide Sales & Marketing, at Financial Technologies International (FTI), where he built and managed the global sales and marketing team. Prior to FTI, Mr. Flatley was a Regional Sales Manager at Financial Decision Systems. Before embarking on his sales career, Mr. Flatley worked for KPMG and Deloitte & Touche.

Mr. Flatley holds a BA in Accounting from the University of Iowa.


Kevin Milne
Executive Vice President, Macgregor
Kevin Milne is the London based Executive Vice President of Macgregor and is responsible for the companyÂ’s international expansion. Prior to joining Macgregor, he was Executive Managing Director of Omgeo and responsible for the companyÂ’s operations in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, Asia Pacific and Japan. Kevin began his career with Omgeo – previously Thomson Financial ESG – in 1995 and was the driving force behind both exponential client and revenue growth of this leading trade management business. He helped define the companyÂ’s multi-cultural facets and played a leading role in turning it into the global player that it is today. Kevin is widely viewed as an industry visionary for advancing critical dialogue around global straight through processing (STP) and operational risk management. On numerous occasions leading financial journals have referred to him as an “insightful, outspoken individual, never short of a controversial view.”

Prior to joining Omgeo, Kevin was General Manager of Thomson Investment Software and Director of Thomson Financial. From 1986 to 1991 he worked for the London Stock Exchange in a number of senior roles culminating in the position of Head of Far East Business Development where he worked and traveled extensively in Asia. These years allowed him to develop a thorough understanding of the Asian capital markets and a deep appreciation of the Far Eastern cultures.

Kevin holds a diploma in Business Management and is a member of the British Institute of Management as well as the Securities Institute.


Deirdre M. Noonan
President, Blackwatch Brokerage Inc.
Ms. Noonan is President of Blackwatch Brokerage Inc., an SEC registered broker-dealer and NASD member. She founded Blackwatch, a wholly owned subsidiary of Macgregor, at the end of 1999 to provide institutional investors with access to MacgregorÂ’s investment technology, third-party research, and brokerage services on a soft dollar basis.

Prior to founding Blackwatch, Ms. Noonan was Vice President of Institutional Sales at Fidelity Investments Institutional Brokerage Group, where she managed a $55M soft dollar and directed brokerage business. During her tenure at Fidelity, Ms. Noonan worked closely with Macgregor to introduce their products and services to buy-side institutions. Earlier, she developed and sold third-party investment research to institutional clients. Ms. Noonan began her career in the Capital Markets Division of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in Washington, D.C.

Ms. Noonan holds a BA from Trinity College, Washington, D.C., where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa, and has the following NASD qualifications: Series 7 General Securities Registered Representative, Series 8 General Securities Sales Supervisor, Series 24 General Securities Principal, Series 27 Financial and Operations Principal and Series 63 Uniform State Securities Law Agent.