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30 South Wacker Drive Suite 1650

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424 West 33rd
New York
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Tim Wilcox
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Greenline’s flagship product, VeriFIX, is designed to optimized the FIX testing process. VeriFIX Benefits: Accelerates development and deployment of FIX-enabled components within trading systems No programming or scripting language required, empowering all users across the development cycle Multi-session capabilities allows for the control of multiple FIX sessions and simulation of many counterparties at once Advanced …


MetriFIX runs real-time analysis on all FIX message flow and allows users to see statistical data measuring message rates and latency. The MetriFIX Reporting Engine provides a holistic view of accurate data filtered through an efficient normalization process to produce real customer trending data.


CertiFIX is a web-based, automated trading environment where users can simultaneously certify multiple counterparties 24 hours a day. CertiFIX Benefits: Offers flexible, optimized architecture for quick testing and program execution Integrates multiple destinations and events in the scenario testing environment Includes option to host testing environment on local or off-site server Simulates testing environments or …


MagniFIX can proactively monitor enterprise-wide FIX message transactions, by reducing message response times and helping generate custom reports. MagniFIX Benefits: Consolidates the monitoring of multiple FIX engines and proprietary environments onto a single interface Parses and tracks unformatted FIX messages into readable, context-specific formats that meet individual needs Integrates seamlessly into multi-vendor platforms Uses distributed …