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Joseph Steinberg
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Identity Cues For Websites (anti-phishing/anti-pharming syst

Anti-phishing / Anti-Pharming / Anti-Fraud / Anti-Impersonation System System installed on web server that proactively inhibits users from falling prey to phishing and pharming scams by making it obvious whether or not a website truly belongs to the organization it appears to represent.

Identity Cues Two Factor

Provides secure two-factor authentication of users to online systems and site authentication (makes clear to users whether they are interacting with legitimate business systems or with criminals’ phishing sites).No enrollment, no extra steps during login, and strong man-in-the-middle protection.

Identity Cues For Email

Identity Cues for Email makes obvious to your users whether an email that they receive is really from you or whether it may be a phishing attack.Users continue to read email with the same software that they currently use; no enrollment, no training, no configurations, no memorizing new secrets.