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Document Outsourcing Specialists

Mission Statement

When FSSI’s senior management got together to articulate the company’s core values, we didn’t create principles that simply sounded good on paper. We sought to identify the unique DNA that already defines who we are – and what makes us different from everyone else. The values listed here are what we believe in and what guides us, regardless of circumstances or economic cycles. These values stand behind our business conduct and characterize the decisions we make at all levels. They are living on


FSSI is a WBE-certified document outsourcing company that helps businesses maximize their impact and strategic value through highly-customizable print-mail and electronic communication solutions. Serving the financial, insurance, healthcare, and other regulated industries, the company creates innovative solutions that help clients increase efficiency, save money, and communicate more effectively with their customers. Additionally, two locations – Santa Ana, CA and Coppell, TX – enable FSSI to pr


Minimize capital investments
Avoid long-term lease commitments
Reduce paper, postage and production costs
Improve and stabilize cash flow
Generate reports to satisfy compliance auditors
Reduce the risk of a costly data breach


Financial Statement Services, Inc., also known as FSSI was founded in 1980 and has grown to become one of the largest independent woman-owned providers of statement services in the western United States. FSSI delivers highly customized variable-data printed and electronic document production and distribution solutions that help our clients save money and communicate more effectively with their customers.


FSSI focuses on highly secure print and mail services for heavily regulated industries like banks, insurance companies, healthcare, utilities providers, and the investment management industry.