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Location Head Office

13, avenue de l'Agent Sarre


+33 6 21 75 25 57


Guillaume de Gentile
[email protected]

Mission Statement

We provide innovating solutions for complex projects, mainly based on financial markets platforms (Murex, Calypso, Sophis, Kondor+, specific clients solutions and more). Our clients are organisations such as banks, corporations, utilities, trading groups and consulting groups.


Consulting and innovative solutions for complex IT project in financial markets.


– Plug and Play
– No need for additional hardware costs
– No dependency on IT & no internal IT costs
– Minimal learning curve
– Automate existing manual reconciliations
– Eliminate operational risk
– Automated report generation (Excel, PPT, tables)
– Real Time KPI and KRI dashboards
– User comments
– Workflow validation of breaks
– Support for Large Data


FINBOX SOLUTIONS is a French FinTech company created in September 2013.

The board of directors is formed of experienced people with over 75 years experience in Capital Markets, Financial software and Trading platforms.


The company has a strong focus in reconciliation and in data integration areas.

Generic reconciliations, migrations, inter-system reconciliations and upgrades are constantly dealing with complex reconciliations and monitoring requirements.

Source data must be retrieved, converted, adapted and cleansed before being imported to the correct target environment. Common issues are related to the volume of data, complexity of transformations and the capacity of integration in a target environment.


EasyRec provides a complete and efficient set of tools that help your migration and support teams to reduce risk, costs and time-to-market of your projects.


Guillaume de GENTILE is a co-founder and a computer science engineer with a Masters in “Finance and Treasury Management” from ESCP-EAP. With more than 20 years of experiences in Capital Markets, Guillaume has been involved in many complex migrations/upgrades of Trading Platforms across Europe, with particular focus on MUREX.
Henry Van Den Boogaerde is a co-founder of Finbox solutions and an agronomics engineer with detailed knowledge of the Commodities Markets. Henry has more than 25 years of experience in Capital Markets and was the former Head of the Commodity Team at MUREX. Henri has been involved in many complex migrations/upgrades of Trading Platforms across Europe, America and Middle East with particular focus on MUREX.