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Berkeley, California Head Office

2100 Milvia Street




Paul Kruzel
[email protected]

Mission Statement

FEA, Inc. is the market leader in the rapid development and delivery of industry-accepted valuation and risk management models. Since 1989, FEA has provided comprehensive analytic valuation tools for the interest rate, equity, foreign exchange, energy and commodity derivatives markets.


FEA software is well seasoned, having been subjected to rigorous internal testing and the extensive review of 550+ institutional clients worldwide.

The company maintains extensive testbeds and strives to uphold its quality leadership. Throughout the energy and financial markets, FEA is the most trusted name in risk management and derivatives analytics software.


FEA, Inc. was founded in 1985 by Mark Garman who saw the need for standardized risk management and option pricing software. Dr. Garman has been the driving force behind FEA’s high quality analytics over the years. FEA is now recognized for its high quality analytic software. FEA is a private company which has experienced an annual rate of growth of 45% since turning to package software in 1989.


FEA has an ‘open systems’ approach and has adapted the ‘FEA Inside’ strategy which focuses on compatibility with a wide variety of partners. The company is committed to interoperability, and has made deliveries for COM, Corba,
XML, and related standards.


Dr. Mark Garman, Chairman

Laurent Birade, Senior Vice President

Carlos Blanco, Vice President of Global Support & Professional Services