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Etrali Trading Solutions Head Office

15 rue Henri Rol Tanguy


+ 33(0) 1 49 74 10 66 or +33 (0) 1 44 55 69 77


Anne-Marie Huot-Late
[email protected]

Unified Communications

Trading has been transformed. Today’s traders no longer work in isolation but interact with multiple people using a variety of different communications devices. In the new world of Dodd-Frank and MiFID II the need to separate relevant information from vast data pools has never been more important. Traders use voice communication, email, instant messaging, video …

Unified Compliance

Compliance requirements in financial markets have dramatically expanded post-2008, with much of the detail of financial reform legislation still being implemented. All trading organisations have to respond fully and rapidly to avoid penalties and reputational risk. With our help, firms can use smart compliance technology to turn an obligation into a competitive advantage. You can …

Unified Services

We can help you use smart compliance technology to turn an obligation into a competitive advantage. Our work, from engineering effective resilient solutions to engagement with the world’s major regulatory bodies, puts us at the forefront of industry change. Etrali support and advisory services can help, from IT support on the trading floor to taking …

Unified Connectivity & Cloud

Our dedicated network for the financial markets is designed to provide flexible, scalable technology to support low latency 24/7 around the world. Designed for ease to meet the needs of the user, cloud-based services enable you to collaborate on a global scale, while maintaining the level of security and efficiency you require. Unified connectivity & …