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Muna Nahawi
Marketing Communications Manager

en.SafeWatch Filtering - OFAC/PEP Screening

EastNets en.SafeWatch Filtering provides watchlist (including OFAC/PEP) checking on the complete financial flow, regardless of origin and transport through a fully configurable, flexible solution, improving your AML compliance protection. EastNets’ en.SafeWatch Filtering solution was ranked 2nd by the Celent analyst firm in 2006, the solution used today by over 360 customers in 80 countries. en.SafeWatch …

en.SafeWatch Profiling - Anti-Money Laundering Solution

With EastNets’ en.SafeWatch Profiling, financial institutions can benefit from a next-generation anti-money laundering (AML) solution developed over a decade working with many of the world’s leading financial institutions including BNP Paribas, ING Direct, Wachovia, Barclays Capital and ABN AMRO. en.SafeWatch Profiling provides a robust detection engine, built-in AML and anti-fraud scenarios, risk scoring, peer group …

en.SafeWatch PaymentGuard

en.SafeWatch PaymentGuard™ is an innovative solution, based on machine learning capabilities, that enables financial institutions to detect and act to stop fraudulent SWIFT payments. The solution offers a modeling engine equipped with a sophisticated artificial intelligence tool.

en.Duplicate Detection

en. DDA detects duplicate messages, prevents emission of outgoing duplicate payments and processing of incoming ones. It is used to prevent the processing of duplicate payment under normal operations protecting the bank from the hassle and overhead cost of processing duplicate transactions for incoming and outgoing transaction messages. Totally integrated with SWIFTAlliance Access. Checking configuration …

en. Recovery

SWIFT Plug-in. Your contingency plan for SWIFTAlliance. Restart smoothly after hardware failure, human mistake or database corruption. After the recovery process, the application allows you to use your backup SAA machine to resume business, without worrying about lost or duplicated sent and received messages. Minimises the number of PDEs; Original Message history still available;Automatically determines …

en.Reporting - SWIFT Reporting

en.Reporting is an essential solution to complement your SWIFT Alliance Access (SAA) infrastructure. With en.Reporting you can display, investigate, monitor and report your SWIFT traffic data, both messages and events, over an extended retention period, all these capabilities with a global, centralized and secured solution developed around an open database.

BPO - KYC & Onboarding

EastNets offers Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions to help businesses improve and ramp-up onboarding and KYC processes, enhance growth, reduce costs, and mitigate business risk while leveraging efficient resources to help you better utilize your own resources.

en.Identity Management

Card issuing and identity management services: EastNets’ secure, en.Identity Management solutions include software and hardware for the installation of a complete and highly secured card issuing and verification management system. en.Identity Management integrates seamlessly with multiple data sources and can be used by a variety of businesses. Microsoft award winning solution. Provides a bilingual solution …

en. SAA Monitoring

SWIFT Plug-in. Instantly report events to your centralized Network Management System.

en. Toolbox for SAA

SWIFT Plug-in. Automatic message priority modification to respect cut-off times.