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Maidenhead Head Office

60 Norden Road

Qumram Office

56 Leman Street


+44 (208) 834 2021


Claire Chapman
[email protected]


Qumram enables all digital interactions (web, social, mobile) to be recorded & replayed on demand, providing a complete digital audit trail for financial services organisations, in accordance with key global regulations (MIFID-II, SEC, FINRA etc). Qumram also aids fraud detection & client experience

Dynatrace Application Performance Management

Want real time insights into application performance and user experience? Supported technologies and environments include Java, .NET, PHP, Mobile. Start your 30-day FREE Dynatrace trial today! Understand how users perceive your application. Get performance insight into from every transaction, from every user, device, application and location. Discover and trace every transaction. Easily identify which users …

Dynatrace User Experience Management

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Dynatrace Application Monitoring

When problems are detected in production, operations can share detailed information to App support and development teams for deep root-cause analysis and quick resolution. Smart baselining learns what normal looks like for your apps and auto-detects abnormal behavior. Application, guest OS, as well as virtual and host server details are automatically provided to make triage …

Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring

  Test, measure, compare improve – even before the first customer clicks.   How does your peformance rank against competitors? Throughout the year, we measure and rank more than 8,000 sites across 26 countries. We make that data available to you so that you can compare and optimize your performance against peers, competitors, or industry …