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Corda Enterprise

Corda is the leading permissioned DLT (distributed ledger technology) or blockchain platform for developing multi-party solutions in regulated industries where trust is critical. Purpose-built and scalable, Corda has facilitated hundreds of blockchain networks across trade finance, insurance, capital markets and banking.


QUO provides wealth and fund managers with a leading workflow solution that encompasses position aggregation, position display and navigation, position compliance, trading from positions, order management and market data provision.These managers can focus on their core business; providing value to their clients while relying on a proven leading tech service provider (TS) to outsource their …


Developed by Chelmer – New Zealand’s longest standing wealth technology firm, Myriad is an integrated software suite that provides a flexible, fully automated, highly scalable end-to-end solution for wealth management. The platform currently manages over USD 30B of investor assets.


Jabatix is the state-of-the-art cloud banking platform. A SaaS platform for financial accounting. Jabatix offers a scalable, secure cloud-native technology, thus providing a future-proof architecture for finance & risk management, incl. reporting in accordance with IFRS, Finrep and Corep standards.


MuniFILINGS(TM) is the largest and only publicly accessible archive of municipal bond disclosure filings, standardized into searchable PDF files. This industry-leading service includes the newest filings on active issues, as well as historical records going back beyond 1990. These include final offering statements, amendments, escrow documents, continuing disclosure filings, financial statements and material event notices. …

Payments HUB

An enterprise payment HUB with rich payment processing modules, connectivity services, message libraries, workflow management and decision trees offering e2e solution from preparation to settlement and beyond to reconciliation, cash management and reporting. Currently in use by 10+ banks globally.


Designed for investment managers, traders and market information firms, MuniDocsOnline® provides precision access to DPC DATA’s archive of nearly 900,000 US municipal disclosure documents through a web portal. Easily integrated into your intranet application or website, deployment is fast and cost-effective. Using CUSIP identifiers to link all relevant documents for an issue, available documents include: …

Real Time Payments Module

An enterprise-wide approach to RTP that serves both corporate and retail customers across a variety of payment types, channels, networks, and currencies. The platform provides all the necessary connections through the orchestration layer for domestic and global immediate payment gateways.


Conclave is a platform that empowers firms to build privacy-protecting solutions with ease. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Confidential Computing and Intel SGX, Conclave-powered solutions enable multiple parties to contribute data for analysis without revealing the actual data to anyone. They also prove exactly how that data will be used.  

Outsourced Services

We offer expertise in financial data, based on long years of outsourcing experience. For more than a decade, we have outsourced production of our trademarked data products and services to our offshore subsidiaries. We understand both sides of the business, client and provider. We know what it takes to meet an exacting quality standard under …

Treasury Aggregator

The aggregator can execute a payment whether it has been initiated through its own portal or through a connected TMS, ERP, etc. The data aggregation processes that run between TMS, ERP and any other system makes the aggregator a powerful streamlining tool for modern treasury departments.


MuniLINK® automates the delivery of muni documents and data when and where you need it. For sophisticated customers with the capacity to integrate documents and data into their internal systems, MuniLINK® aligns our information with your workflow processes. Features and benefits include the following: * Disclosure data fully integrated into your workflow * Customized and …

ISO 20022 Accelerator

An intelligent middleware layer built for payments and mission-critical systems enables the orchestration, translation, and transformation of payment messages, to onboard or on-board data within a message flow without impacting existing processes and payment flows within the bank.

Consulting and Technology

Nth Exception is a payments specialist consultancy, we assist banks, FIs and corporates globally in implementing ISO 20022 and SWIFT gpi while optimising their internal processes.  To complement the services and we deliver best in class payment solutions including a Real-Time Payments Hub.


No more plowing through lengthy official statements to extract the relevant facts. Streamline the research and sales process with MuniPOINTS (TM). The newest information product from DPC DATA, MuniPOINTS are concise, easy-to-read descriptive sheets on municipal bond issues. They contain bullet-pointed text, excerpted directly from the official statements with no analytic content. Indexed by CUSIP, …

R3 Sandbox for Digital Currencies

Currently in Public Preview, R3 Sandbox for Digital Currencies is a learning & development platform for CBDC experimentation used by global financial institutions & regulatory bodies. It enables central banks, commercial banks, exchanges, payment providers & more to collaborate in a ‘ready-made payments ecosystem’ to evaluate CBDC use cases, learn, transact, & test roll-out strategies …