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Mission Statement

DerivActiv is a web-based company providing powerful portfolio risk management and hedge accounting services for banks, hedge funds, non-profit, and municipal clients who use derivatives as part of their investment portfolio.


DerivActiv is a leader in independent derivatives valuations for fixed income, currency, and equity derivatives. With the accuracy of our proprietary software and with the ease of our web-based platform, DerivActiv delivers effective and customized solutions for the client’s needs. FAS 133, FAS 157, and GASB 53.


As an independent mark-to-market service, DerivActiv is not affiliated with an individual bank, dealer, or financial product. We have no relationships that can influence the integrity of our service or valuations.

With our proprietary pricing system, we value thousands of trades of all types, including fixed income, credit, currency, and equity swaps and derivatives, as well as other financial products. Click here for a list of the derivatives we value.

Ease of Use
Our web-based platform allows you have one-click access to your daily mark-to-market valuations, payments, cash flows, swap documents and historical data 24 hours a day.

DerivActiv website has a dedicated server network that has quadruple power fail-safe measures to ensure that the system will not fail or experience any down time. The website also has several features that assure the security and privacy of our clients’ data, such as a secure password-protected login page and clustered fail over redundancy to protect client information.


DerivActiv was conceptualized and founded as a spin-off from a well-established capital markets and derivatives firm when it became apparent that there was a need for an independent, mark-to-market valuation service for derivative instruments and hedging activities. The adoption of FASB Statement No. 133 established stricter accounting and reporting standards, such as the need for corporations to report the fair market value of derivatives on a quarterly and annual basis.


To learn more about how DerivActiv’s service and customized solutions, feel free to contact our sales team:
Jim Towne: 952-746-6049
Travis Quast: 952-746-7679
Or call us toll-free at 866-200-9012