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Comarch SA Head Office

Al. Jana Pawła II 39 A

Comarch UK Ltd Office

Third Floor201 Great Portland Street


+48 (58) 326 45 72


Mariusz Janczewski
[email protected]

Comarch Commission & Incentive

Want to optimize your settlement and calculation processes? Cut costs & improve your sales team performance? Comarch Commission & Incentive is just for you! Comarch Commission & Incentive is a comprehensive solution dedicated to insurance companies, banks, telecom operators, companies distributing financial products and other organizations with a multilayered sales network ensuring efficient incentive compensation management. It …

Comarch Wealth Management

Comarch Wealth Management – Build and manage your clients’ investment policy in line with their needs and objectives! Comarch Wealth Management is an integrated, multi-module platform dedicated to retail, affluent and private banking client segments. The platform supports wealth management service providers and their clients in delivering the following: Recurrent advisory – fully automated or …

Comarch Corporate Banking

Comarch Corporate Banking – Streamline the management of transactions and save on operating costs! Comarch Corporate Banking is a business banking software designed and built specifically for corporations and SMEs. It offers tailored features, ease-of-use and state-of-the-art security for each business segment. Our corporate banking software is a response to continuously growing customer needs. Owing …

Comarch Digital Insurance

Comarch Digital Insurance – Driven by everyday needs of insurance business, designed for boosting performance and facilitating sales and service – a must for any insurer! Comarch Digital Insurance ensures digitalization of insurance sales and service processes with real omnichannel customer experience. It provides integrated applications for different users based on one common business logic …

Comarch Loan Origination

Comarch Loan Origination – make your credit processes more efficient and customer-oriented! Comarch Loan Origination (CLO) is a modern platform dedicated to support sales of credit products for all type of customers in each kind of sales channels. The system automates the work of all people involved in the credit-granting processes. It allows banks to …

Comarch Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Comarch Identity & Access Management (IAM) – Secure your business data and infrastructure while staying GDPR-compliant! Comarch Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a solution that allows full control over the access to company’s applications, VPNs and workstations. It comes with world-class methods for identity lifecycle, authentication, authorization and accountability. Its modular architecture makes it …

Comarch tPro ECC

Comarch tPro ECC – Protect your customers from remote attacks and save on operating costs Comarch tPro ECC is an innovative USB token for digital signature designed to meet the highest security needs of corporate and private banking customers. Unlike smart cards and other cryptographic devices based on outdated NPAPI technology, tPro ECC is driverless, OS-agnostic and browser-independent …

Comarch tPro Mobile

Comarch tPro Mobile – Protect your customers from fraud transactions and save on hardware costs Comarch tPro Mobile is a mobile solution for strong customer authentication and transaction authorization based on two factors: what the user has – a mobile phone with an app; and what the user knows – a PIN or pattern. The application also supports biometry on …

Comarch Cyber Threat Protection

Comarch Cyber Threat Protection is an online threat prevention and anti-identity theft platform for workstations and mobile devices. This solution is transparent for end-users, which means that no need to install any additional software. The platform tracks both end-user activity and their devices to calculate partial and general scoring for authentication, authorization, or any other …

Comarch Anti-Money Laundering

Comarch Anti-Money Laundering – Monitor transactions with unparalleled speed and precision Comarch Anti-Money Laundering is a fraud detection software dedicated to financial institutions obligated to monitor, investigate and report  transactions of a suspicious or unusual nature to financial investigation units. It optimizes the existing anti-money laundering processes by significantly enhancing the effectiveness of most commonly used – and …