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Harold Reid
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Mission Statement

BT: Networking the world’s financial community

BT has been providing network-based services that are fundamental to the operation of the financial services sector globally for over 25 years. From the ATM in a bank’s retail branch to the secure messaging services that allow central banks every day to settle transactions worth billions of dollars, BT addresses the communications-related requirements of the financial services sector in breadth and in depth.

By creating its Global Banking & Financial Markets business unit, BT demonstrates its dedication to this sector internationally. By better understanding our customers’ businesses and focusing specifically on this sector’s needs, BT can differentiate itself from its competitors both in terms of the business value that our solutions deliver and in terms of the commercial success that BT itself achieves.

Focusing on the needs of the world’s largest financial institutions that are already its customers, BT Global Banking & Financial Markets maximises the commercial value of these relationships, which also help BT to develop and deliver services that increase our customers’ operational efficiency and competitiveness and help them to address their operational risks and their regulatory compliance obligations.

BT Global Banking & Financial Markets is already a world-leader in its own right. Our customers are the world largest banks, largest brokers, largest exchanges, largest investment managers and largest data vendors. We interlink the world’s largest secure financial services community with highest-quality services that win international industry awards. Tens of thousands of financial traders around the world depend on BT’s voice and data communications solutions every second of the 24×7 trading day. Billions of financial transactions are completed securely and successfully every day due to the services that BT provides to this sector internationally.

BT Global Banking & Financial Market’s aim is to gain its customers’ recognition of BT as the leading provider of networked-based services to the financial services sector globally.


BT’s Global Banking and Financial Markets is one of the world’s leading providers of networked IT services to the global financial community. With more than 25 years of experience providing products and services developed specifically to the unique requirements of the financial services industry,


BT has been providing network-based services that are fundamental to the operation of the financial services sector globally for Nearly 30 years now.


Andy Nicholson, BT Global Services, President Global Banking & Financial Markets,
Howard Boville, Head of Financial Markets and MD Trading Systems
Jose Martinez, Managing Director. Radianz & Payments
Mark Weeks, Head of Retail & Wholesale Banking
Marc Carletti, Head of Global Banking