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Sital Shah
[email protected]


We defend over 50% of all financial transactions in the UK. We protect over 330 million US consumer checking accounts every month.

Mission Statement

We have been helping to defend the largest nations and businesses in the world for over forty years against advanced threats.

Cyber threats no longer just come from mischievous hackers playing games. They come from organised, smart, stealthy criminal groups and nations, looking to steal intelligence and capital. Attacks pioneered by nation states are now being used to attack businesses of all sizes and standard security technology has dropped in effectiveness from 80% to 20% over the past 10 years.

Additionally criminals are taking advantage of modern communications and computing techniques to plan and conduct their crimes. The techniques and tools that enable business and law enforcement to detect, prevent and investigate crime – both in the physical and cyber worlds – are in the process of rapid adaption.


We help nations, governments and businesses around the world defend themselves against cyber and financial crime, reduce their risk in the connected world, comply with regulation and transform their operations.


The NetReveal financial crime solution suite delivers improved detection and lower total cost of ownership with a single platform for Fraud, Compliance, Anti-money Laundering and Sanctions Screening. It is used by banks, insurers and law enforcement agencies globally to provide threat insights and combat criminal activities.

NetReveal identifies unusual and suspicious behaviours hidden in the constant flow of data moving around an organisation. It combines machine learning and predictive entity-level analytics with advanced social network analysis to identify risk, criminality and fraud. BAE Systems’ in-depth industry expertise, coupled with innovative and powerful technologies, means that NetReveal identifies irregular activity faster and with more intelligence than conventional systems.
• detects fraud and financial crime at the point of application and throughout the customer lifecycle
• reduces detection ‘time to market’ by enabling rapid user journeys training predictive models and investigating unsupervised data sets
• includes transparent governance with full audit and explainability
• creates profiles based on specific entity group, behavioural analysis and risk classification
• incorporates comprehensive and flexible case management and investigation workflows


We have a 40 year heritage of working in data and security. Since 2000, we have expanded rapidly through the digital revolution, working in multiple industries and building our portfolio of cutting edge solutions.

We have been working with National Security for many years, helping collect and analyse vast quantities of data. This has enabled us to build a unique set of experience, systems and processes around the threat landscape. These, combined with our Cyber special forces – some of the most skilled people in the world, enable us to defend against cyber-attacks, fraud and financial crime, enable intelligence-led policing and solve complex data problems through analysing huge volumes of data.


We offer a broad portfolio of on premise, managed and cloud-based products and services that are battle proven against the world’s most dangerous threats. As the leading provider of threat intelligence to the US and UK governments, we provide business defence no one else can match.
It’s not just cybercrime we defend against. We also help companies with increasing regulatory burdens and communication infrastructure changes.
Intelligence is at the core of what we do:
o Financial Crime Prevention: Identifying, combating and preventing financial threats, risk, loss or penalties
o Digital Transformation: Using data to pursue new business models, enhance customer engagement and improve business operations
o Cyber defence: Monitoring, analytics, email and cloud-based security, investigation and incident response solutions


Responsible, experienced, thought-leading – our management team brings together individuals with a broad range of industrial and sector experience.