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+44 (0)208 849 8022


Mark Aldred
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WinWebServer (WWS)

WinWebServer (WWS) Auriga’s commitment to innovation and technical excellence has culminated in the development of the omnichannel banking product WinWebServer (WWS). WWS is an integrated platform on a web-based architecture that can provide a ‘seamless banking experience’ of the highest level across all the different distribution channels. WWS delivers significant business benefits including: the reduction …


WWS ATM is an integral component of the WWS omnichannel banking suite for the complete management of the ATM channel. Based on a highly scalable 3-tier client server solution built with the most advanced web technologies, WWS ATM delivers significant reductions in operational and technology cost while improving system availability and time to market for new services. WWS …

WWS One to One

The OnetoOne Marketing module is an integral component of the WWS omnichannel banking suite that transforms any banking channel into an efficient communication tool to maximise the opportunity to sell new services and enhance the consumer’s experience regardless of how they interact with their bank (ATMs, digital signage, internet, mobile, social networks, etc.). Through the OnetoOne Marketing module, banks …

WWS Proactive Monitoring Manager

The Proactive Monitoring module is an integral component of the WWS omnichannel banking suite that ensures the highest service availability across all banking channels and gives consumers access to banking services 24/7. It is a 360-degree system monitoring all aspects of the network including connections with the bank’s host systems, connections with third party service partners, the WWS ATM …

WWS Mobile

WWS Mobile is an integral component of the WWS omnichannel banking suite for the mobile channel that enables banks to give consumers the ultimate ‘bank in their pocket’ experience while on the move. A highly secure and fully integrated solution, WWS Mobile offers customers the widest range of banking and payment services in the most cost effective way, …

WWS Customer Management

WWS Customer Management empowers bank branch staff to optimise the cost efficiencies of their branch operations while maximising the add-on sales potential of how in-branch systems improve interactions with branch visitors. The software module is an integral component of the WWS omnichannel banking suite for the branch channel. Banks are making significant investments in transforming their branches for …

WWS Signage

WWS Signage is an integral component of the WWS multichannel banking suite for the Digital Signage channel and for the deployment of audio-visual content over LAN, intranet and Internet, helping banks transform their branch into a commercial outlet through the managed delivery of multimedia information and promotional marketing material using a variety of self-service devices and displays. WWS …

WWS Greæter

WWS Greæter is an integral component of the WWS omnichannel banking suite for the branch channel, specifically designed to help branch staff fulfil their changing roles – from operations executors to services consultants or self-service assistants who are able to suggest customised services for each customer. WWS Greæter is an innovative tablet application, combining through a single intuitive …

WWS Cash Management

WWS Cash Management automates how the bank determines the most efficient cash delivery and collection schedule and processes, enabling a drastic reduction in operational costs as well as out-of-service time for cashpoints and how this affects customers and the bank’s reputation for quality of service. As an integral component of the WWS omnichannel banking suite for the …


WWS BAM enables banks to leverage the value of Big Data, by easily and flexibly aggregating them to provide fuller and richer insight across all of the retail channels and services available to customers. As an integral component of the WWS omnichannel banking suite, WWS BAM is Auriga's omnichannel Data Analytics solution that aggregates and …


WWS Asset Management module is the latest module in Auriga’s WinWebServer (WWS) solution, which enables you to design the next generation bank branch, with the freedom to combine Auriga’s different modules in any way across their network and according to their business strategies. WWS Asset Management help you manage the life cycles of all the devices …

WWS Artificial Intelligence

The Bank of the Future Focuses on Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence can be applied to several banking processes, including those that work on improving the user experience on all banking channels, through forecasting and strategic business analysis. AI can have a strong impact on the relationship between the bank and its current and potential customers. …

Lookwise Device Manager- ATM Cyber Security Solution

An integrated ATM Cyber Security Solution Lookwise Device Manager (LDM) is a centralized and modular OT cyber security platform that offers a comprehensive set of functionalities to protect, monitor and control your critical devices. It is built on the basis of Auriga proprietary technology Lookwise TECH. This technology, specifically designed for distributed environments and for …

The #NextGenBranch

Brochure | The #NextGenBranch The solutions that leverages advanced self-service and an integrated omnichannel software platform, creating a branch where technology has a pivotal role, to increase process efficiency and optimize performance. Get in touch with us Visit our website and download the brochure.