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Willem De Geer
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Panopticon Trading Analytics Solution

Panopticon Trading Analytics enables traders, managers, and compliance officers to monitor orders and RFQs in real time, to backtest trading algorithms, and analyze executions on a tick-by-tick, trade-by-trade level using real-time streaming and time series data sources like Kx, Kafka, and more.

Panopticon Real-Time Risk Analysis Solution

Panopticon enables users to monitor and analyze positions, exposures, and trading activity in real time to spot risk and P&L variance anomalies quickly, and thus act immediately rather than waiting for end-of-day reports. Traders can also analyze historical time series data on a tick-by-tick basis.

Panopticon Compliance & Surveillance Solution

Panopticon enables compliance officers to monitor and analyze trading activity in real time and examine historical time series trading data on a trade-by-trade basis to ensure best execution across all asset classes in support of the principles under MiFIR II / MAD II / MiFID II.

Panopticon Profitability Analysis Solution

Cap Markets firms use Panopticon to visually analyze and monitor profitability in real time, at end of day, and across historic time series. Typical implementations federate real-time streaming and time series data from order processing and CRM systems stored in a variety of data repositories.

Panopticon Real-Time Trading Operations Analytics Solution

Panopticon Trading Operations Analytics works with a wide variety of real-time and streaming data sources, including Kx kdb+, OneTick & Kafka, to enable traders and managers to monitor to identify abnormalities in the trading environment and act immediately, without waiting for end-of-day reports.