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Azqore and Volante Technologies join forces for payments modernisation

Azqore partners with Volante Technologies to modernise its payment systems, focusing on SEPA instant payments and ISO 20022 messaging. This collaboration aims to meet European regulatory deadlines and enhance Azqore’s payment infrastructure for future innovations.

  • Editorial Team
  • July 10, 2024
  • 2 minutes

Azqore has selected Volante Technologies‘ Payments as a Service (PaaS) to implement SEPA instant payments and ISO 20022 messaging services. This strategic partnership is a crucial component of Azqore’s broader initiative to enhance its payment infrastructure and comply with stringent European regulatory deadlines.

Azqore, a prominent business and technology partner for wealth managers, has been collaborating with Volante Technologies to accelerate its multi-country, multi-bank ISO 20022 adoption programme. The recent extension of this partnership to include SEPA instant payments marks a pivotal step in Azqore’s payments modernisation strategy.

Anders Ohrneman, Head of IT Post-Trade & Operations at Azqore, emphasised the importance of this collaboration: “As customer demand continues to evolve, it is crucial that financial institutions of all kinds have the solutions they need to stay competitive, especially as we’re seeing an increase in the pace of regulatory change.”

Regulatory considerations were a significant factor in Azqore’s decision to adopt Volante’s PaaS. The European Union’s aggressive deadlines for SEPA Instant Payments necessitated a solution that could be rapidly deployed and tightly integrated into Azqore’s core banking infrastructure. The partnership with Volante not only meets these regulatory requirements but also provides a scalable platform for future innovations in payment services.

Belhassen Belkhechine, Payments & Operations Product Manager at Azqore, highlighted the benefits of this partnership: “With Volante’s Payments as a Service, we can bring new instant payments and ISO 20022 services to market faster. We also have built the foundation of a platform for innovation for all our customers, easily extensible to future payment types and services.”

Azqore joins a growing number of European institutions that have adopted Volante’s PaaS to achieve their payments modernisation goals. Volante’s proven track record in delivering innovative payment solutions, including processing the first U.S. RTP transaction and the first instant payment in Saudi Arabia, underscores its capability to drive digital transformation in the payments ecosystem.

Deepak Gupta, EVP Product, Engineering & Services at Volante Technologies, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “We are excited about the payments modernisation journey we have embarked upon with Azqore. Our track record of delivering innovation through PaaS, combined with Azqore’s experience and extensive reach, paves the way for financial businesses to reap the benefits of new services such as instant payments and ISO 20022 messaging.

“With our PaaS value proposition, we are ideally positioned to drive the digital transformation of the payments ecosystem for consumers and businesses alike.”