Leading order management systems

Nash Riggins considers a number of the leading order management system provider that can help companies grow and deliver accurate orders on time using a dynamic, omnichannel approach

by | November 28, 2018 | bobsguide

Efficient order management is critical to the success of any organisation. Yet achieving flawless orders on an ongoing basis can be challenging for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

There are dozens of hurdles to overcome along the often tumultuous road to order fulfilment – from opening orders, keeping track of available inventory, tracking payments and managing deliveries. That’s why growing organisations should always strive to deploy an effective order management system to maintain a clear view of the entire process.

Order management software comes in many forms, and its applications are incredibly diverse. Many will specialise in one or two functions, such as catalogue management or inventory management, while others are focused on adding value through seamless integrations with a company’s existing systems, or opt to take an omnichannel approach towards order management.

Yet because organisations are now spoilt for choice, it can be difficult to navigate the increasingly large pool of competent order management solutions providers in order to track down the ideal system.

Here are ten of the leading systems currently on the market.


Unleashed Software styles itself as “the world’s easiest inventory software” for growing businesses to implement – and although it’s a bit difficult to quantify ease-of-use, in terms of order management Unleashed is certainly intuitive.

A key reason Unleashed is worth exploring as a potential solution is its dynamic inventory management system, which can be easily integrated with a wide range of existing ecommerce solutions to create a holistic management system. Because Unleashed uses average landed cost, businesses can expect to get a better reflection of the costs associated with purchasing stock because the system seamlessly distributed costs to provide clearer insights on margins and a product’s profitability.

Unleashed also includes a dynamic customised documentation feature that enables management teams to ensure they’re meeting regulatory requirements while producing personalised documentation for suppliers on an automated basis. Finally, flexible reporting features mean companies can customise their management database by filtering for product groups, warehouses, bin locations and more – all of which can be managed via the solution’s slick iOS app.


TradeGecko is an order management platform designed specifically with multichannel brands in mind. TradeGecko works to synchronise a company’s orders with its inventory management by specialising in producing simple order creations that are easy to create on-the-go and track from start-to-finish via the TradeGecko iOS app.

TradeGecko is also a smart solution for growing businesses or wholesalers being operated by a small and busy team, because the software’s workflow splits order management into just a few bite-sized categories. The draft stage includes sending and editing sales quotes, the active stage marks committed stock and tracks payments, the finalised stage encompasses invoicing and partial fulfilment and the fulfilment stage marks goods shipped and orders paid.

When it comes to TradeGecko, that focus on partial fulfilment is definitely a unique selling point for companies delivering less tangible orders.

Prices for TradeGecko’s Lite package start from $79 per month, and each package includes a 14-day free trial period.


Linnworks is a user-friendly order management software solution that’s ideal for companies using a large number of sales channels. It integrates with more than 65 mainstream marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify and Walmart – alongside top international couriers such as Royal Mail, Amazon Shipping, FedEx, DHL and DPD.

By activating these integrations into the Linnworks interface, users benefit from an easy-to-digest, bird’s eye view of every single online and offline sales channel and the status of order delivery for each subsequent sale. In case you’re starting to pick up on an industry trend, like many of the best order management solutions Linnworks also benefits from a smooth iOS and Android operating system – although it’s perfectly responsive on Windows.


Officewise is a back office management provider whose purchase order solution stands out because of its wide-ranging reporting functionality.

Officewise is a cloud-based tool capable of carrying out and delivering upon each aspect of the order management process – from the creation of purchase orders and submission for approval, to vendor invoicing and expenses management. Yet one Officewise’s key areas of focus is budget management.

Through its intuitive and highly automated budget tracking tool, businesses can create and track budgets against spending incurred on a given order – which can subsequently be analysed via more than 50 built-in reporting styles.


Developed by US-based WebLinc, Orderbot is part of a family of cloud-based order management solutions that focus on servicing online retailers and ecommerce merchants. Bearing in mind Orderbot’s positioning as an integrated solution for online companies, it goes without saying Orderbot is deal for businesses that need to manage orders from across the globe.

The solution’s centralised data entry point enables users to unite a range of channels and subsequently accept and convert multiple currencies. It also allows companies to control pricing by event, and features integrations with all major payment gateways.

Companies that use Shopify to host their online stores will find Orderbot an obvious choice in terms of order management solutions because of the provider’s pre-built Shopify Plus OMS integration – although Orderbot is compatible with a range of other ecommerce sites.


ShipStation is one of the largest order management solutions for online retailers and merchants because of the dizzying number of integrations it can offer. ShipStation supports integrations with over 150 marketplaces, shopping carts and carriers. Meanwhile, ShipStation can offer users shipping discounts of up to 78% when shipping through partners Parcelforce, DPD or Hermes.

Aside from discounted shipping rates, the solution’s branded tracking page and returns portal also offers one of the market’s simplest management dashboards. Users can set unique automation rules and workflows that prevent errors, and small businesses and start-ups benefit from a direct integration with Fulfilment by Amazon.

Like every other order management software solution worth its salt, ShipStation has developed its own mobile app – enabling you to get order alerts on any mobile device or wearables like an Apple Watch.


Cin7 is an automated inventory management platform and order management system that caters to businesses with revenues of over $1m. One of Cin7’s top selling points is its one-stop-shop design – because unlike many other order management software solutions, Cin7 features its own POS, EDI and third-party logistics (3PL) systems so that companies can manage inventory, cash and workflows using just one dashboard.

Cin7 is an ideal order management solution for high-earning B2B ecommerce companies, and includes live inventory reports and seamless updates to automate the order management process from start to finish.


Orderhive is an order management software solution that’s ideal for online retailers. Like many of the other big players in the order management solutions space, Orderhive benefits from a whopping 350 integrations and automated inventory updates across channels like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify and WooCommerce. Yet one of Orderhive’s USPs is the system’s slick dropshipping functionality.

Orderhive’s auto order synchronisation feature, batch order processing and order tracking and easy-to-use labelling make it a straightforward solution for SMEs intending to leverage a wide range of online channels to maximise revenues. Finally, Orderhive’s customer contact management abilities enable businesses to manage databases, assign multiple contact tags or attributes and improve customer relations and communications


Brightpearl is another omnichannel order management solution for retailers and wholesalers working with particularly high order volumes. It can sync more than 10,000 orders per hour from both online and offline channels, which makes the software ideal for ambitious SMEs and large organisations alike. This gives users the peace of mind that they’ll be able to scale up relatively quickly without needing to worry about their software being able to cope.

Another key USP worth considering is Brightpearl’s focus on global sales. The solution features integrated multi-currency and landed-cost features that allow organisations to scale their businesses through cross-border trade without adding inefficiencies that drive down margins.


Megaventory is the perfect online cloud-based order management solution for SMEs with slightly complicated inventory set-ups. Megaventory places emphasis on enabling teams with multiple users and variable permissions to track inventory levels, handle sales and handle purchase orders at multiple locations simultaneously.

Automated stock alerts, location transfers and product cost tracking allow small and medium-sized companies to manage inventory across the globe – with the ability to localise into multiple languages, deploy customisable text and enable direct data access via intuitive cards.

As with other leading order management solutions, users can expect to benefit from a range of integrations in order to amalgamate both online and offline channels onto one, easy-to-use dashboard.



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