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Apple Pay expands payment options and soon available on Windows and Chrome

Apple Pay is expanding its digital payment options by integrating Affirm’s buy now, pay later (BNPL) loans and installment plans via credit and debit cards. This move enhances user flexibility and convenience with partnerships from major banks like Citigroup and Synchrony.

The expansion also includes availability on Windows and Chrome, broadening Apple Pay’s reach.

  • Editorial Team
  • June 14, 2024
  • 3 minutes

Apple Pay is set to revolutionise the digital payment landscape with its latest expansion, introducing a suite of new payment options and features. Announced during Apple’s annual developer conference, these enhancements aim to provide users with greater flexibility, convenience, and security. By integrating buy now, pay later (BNPL) loans from Affirm and offering installment plans via credit and debit cards, Apple Pay is broadening its appeal.

Apple Pay’s expansion introduces several new payment options designed to enhance user flexibility and convenience. One of the most notable additions is the integration of Affirm’s buy now, pay later (BNPL) loans.

This feature allows users to apply for BNPL loans directly through Apple Pay on iPhones and iPads, offering a seamless and secure way to manage purchases over time. Affirm’s offerings are known for their flexibility, transparency, and absence of late or hidden fees, making them an attractive option for consumers.

In addition to BNPL, Apple Pay will now support installment loans via credit and debit cards. This feature will be available in the U.S. through partnerships with Citigroup, Synchrony, and Fiserv-related issuers. These installment plans provide users with the ability to spread payments over a set period, offering more manageable financial planning.

Apple Pay will also enable users to redeem rewards points for purchases, initially rolling out with Discover and Synchrony in the U.S. This integration allows for a more versatile and rewarding payment experience.

Partnerships and integration

Apple Pay’s expansion is significantly bolstered by strategic partnerships and integrations with leading financial institutions and fintech companies. Affirm’s integration into Apple Pay is a prime example, allowing users to access BNPL loans directly within the Apple ecosystem. This collaboration highlights Affirm’s strong brand and sophisticated underwriting technology, which Apple recognised as unique and valuable.

Apple has also partnered with major banks such as Citigroup, Synchrony, and Fiserv-related issuers to offer installment loans via credit and debit cards. These partnerships enable traditional credit card players to provide BNPL-style installment loans, a feature that gained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Synchrony, for instance, plans to offer personalised installment loans with promotional interest rates and durations based on transaction size and merchant involvement.

Furthermore, Apple Pay’s integration extends beyond iOS devices. The service will soon be available on Windows computers and through Google’s Chrome browser, making it accessible to a broader audience. This move underscores Apple’s commitment to expanding its digital wallet ecosystem and enhancing user convenience across multiple platforms.

Availability and rollout

Apple Pay’s new features are set to roll out later this year, coinciding with the release of iOS 18 and iPadOS 18. The BNPL option from Affirm will be available to U.S. users on iPhones and iPads. Installment loans via credit and debit cards will launch in multiple regions, including the U.S. with Citigroup, Synchrony, and Fiserv; Australia with ANZ; Spain with CaixaBank; and the UK with HSBC and Monzo.

Additionally, Apple Pay’s expansion to Windows computers and Google’s Chrome browser will make these features accessible to a broader audience, enhancing the global reach of Apple’s payment ecosystem.