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Self-Service Banking Asia 2020: Empowering Banks with Tech

In this unprecedented time, there is a real opportunity for banks to accelerate their digital transformation in the #newnormal.

It is time for them to take the lead by redesigning their customer engagement strategies to deliver value-generating engagement through the crisis and beyond.

Not to forget the security issues, with cyber-criminals becoming more agile and innovative in producing new types of malware.

This has raised concerns for organisations when it comes to their current security measures, as business critical systems are very attractive targets for attackers, which means that banks need to radically transform to serve their customers.

With this in mind, Mark Aldred, Head of International Sales at Auriga, will be exploring this topic further at the Self-Service Banking Asia 2020 conference on Thursday 24th September, 7:40 GMT+1.

Self-Service Banking Asia is the region’s leading conference, which specialises in self-service and digital, financial inclusion, branch, and security. The conference will bring together key players in the banking industry from across the region to learn, explore and network.

The self-service infrastructure worldwide is not fit for the challenges of what we have seen this year.
During his segment, Mark will be discussing how technology solutions, such as Bank4Me can make branches fully digital, multifunctional, and customer-oriented, leveraging technologies like video banking, AI, and automation to deliver 24/7 access to banking services.

He will also be speaking about how innovation without attention to the risk of cyber-attacks can be counterproductive, and how security should underpin everything you do.

How Auriga's Technology can Empower Banks

The ever-growing attacks on self-service banking infrastructure has not only been hugely disruptive to financial organisations, but it also undermines the trust that customers have in digital banking services.

Auriga’s #NextGenBranch is focused on both security and customers, by utilising self-service and other technologies.
With the most comprehensive layered protection model, LDM can protect your critical systems from malicious and fraudulent activities. The cybersecurity platform offers a comprehensive set of functionalities that protect, monitor, and controls a bank’s most critical devices.

Auriga’s WinWebServer integrated platform has contributed to the defined standards of the newest models in omnichannel banking. The WWS platform gives banks the opportunity to create their own cutting-edge service platform and shape the idea bank they want for the future.