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D3 Banking Reports Digital Banking Growth in 2016

Financial institutions using digital banking solution experience rise in digital users, company reports record revenue and is positioned for continued momentum

D3 Banking, a leading innovator in data driven digital™ banking, today announced that 2016 was a year of significant growth for both the company and its customers. D3 reported record annual revenue in 2016, up 160 percent from the year prior, and the financial institutions using its digital banking solutions reported a minimum of 10 percent growth in digital banking users.

Additional 2016 milestones for the company include:

  • Sales increased 80 percent year over year, driven by an increasing number of financial institutions recognizing the need for an advanced consumer and small business digital banking strategy;
  • More than 1.2 million end users successfully migrated to D3 Banking’s digital platform, with one project underway currently that will double this volume in the coming months; and
  • Growth in full-time staff of 60 percent to support the company’s expanding solution set and user base. The company currently has 110 full-time employees.

Mark Vipond, CEO of D3 Banking, commented, “Last year, we completed two of the largest replacement projects of their kind in the digital banking era. Innovators such as Arvest and First Tennessee Bank prioritized their need for a modern digital platform and are already reaping benefits from that decision. I’m humbled to have witnessed our growth and success in 2016 as we empower financial institutions to compete with the largest national institutions via a superior digital banking strategy and platform. We expect and are prepared for this digital movement to gain even more momentum in 2017.”

D3 Banking received a $10 million investment from West Partners in 2016. These funds are being used to grow its team, invest in research and development and expand its hosted platform. The company added to its fintech partnerships, teaming with SLK Group, a leading technology services and strategy company. D3 Banking also received the Depth of Service Award in Celent’s report, Ubiquitous Digital for Channel Banking: Global Digital Platforms Solutions Vendors, Digital Specialist Edition, 2016, recognizing the company for its commitment to customer service and innovation.

D3 Banking reduces the cost and complexity of digital banking by providing a scalable single platform solution for consumers and small businesses that can be accessed via laptop, smartphone, tablets and wearables. The company’s solutions provide a consistent, intuitive user experience in a highly configurable environment that allows banks and credit unions to leverage their brand positioning and respond to consumer needs quickly and without additional cost. By providing Data Driven Digital™ banking using a powerful, proven analytics engine, D3 Banking’s platform delivers value-added financial management tools to consumers and small businesses while providing financial institutions with the ability to use this information to personalize their product and service offerings.