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SevOne and Google Collaborate to Accelerate Service Delivery and Increase ROI

SevOne and Google work together to combine highly scalable real-time data collection with superior analytics to deliver operational insights for unprecedented business agility 

SevOne, a leading provider of digital infrastructure management solutions, today announced it has collaborated with Google to enable organizations to leverage the critical network and operational data that SevOne collects with Google’s world-class analytics platform to accelerate their business and IT initiatives.

Organizations are now able to combine SevOne’s industry-leading performance monitoring platform for data collection and operational insight capabilities with Google’s unrivaled Cloud platform for rich analytics and machine learning. The engagement ensures that organizations are able to drive faster and more effective business decisions as well as improve the performance of their current service offerings and accelerate the delivery of new network data services.

“The scale and complexity of today’s network data can be astronomical,” said Michael Wiley, Senior Global Engineering Manager for Google, Inc. “But the right performance monitoring platform can provide the flexibility, speed, and scale that an organization needs to confidently answer today’s toughest network questions. Google Cloud’s engagement with SevOne ensures organizations are not only able to understand macro and micro trending across the infrastructure, but take it a step further with rich analytics and machine learning capabilities. Through our combined efforts, we’re unlocking real-time, data-driven insight with incredible levels of efficiency and reliability.”

“The innovative collaboration between Google Cloud and SevOne will empower organizations to maximize the strategic value of their network and operational data,” said Jack Sweeney, CEO, SevOne. “By leveraging end-to-end infrastructure visibility, valuable operational insights, and powerful analytics, organizations will be able to achieve unprecedented business agility. Whether it’s rolling out new services or enhancing current offerings, this partnership will ensure they have the intelligence they need to win against their competitors.”

SevOne and Google Cloud are proud to align to provide organizations with a more efficient way to leverage their network and business data. Enterprises will now be able to unify their disparate data, normalize it, and analyze it effectively for intelligent decision-making across the organization to improve their operations.

SevOne provides leading CSPs, MSPs and Enterprises with the most comprehensive technology portfolio that collects, analyzes and visualizes network & infrastructure performance data to deliver actionable insights to compete and win in a complex and connected world. SevOne is backed by Bain Capital Ventures.