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AIM Software Integrates MATLAB® with GAIN EDM for more effective models

AIM Software, the global provider of Enterprise Data Management (EDM) software solutions for the financial industry, announces today that GAIN, its award-winning EDM platform, is now fully interfaced with MATLAB®, offering quants and data analysts a direct access to their securities databases cross-referenced by GAIN, to develop the most efficient investment and risk models.

Investment management and research teams use MATLAB® to develop mathematical models aimed at analyzing portfolios, quantifying risk, and creating performance investment management strategies. Quantitative Research Teams access securities data and manipulate large volumes of data (time-series for example) to research, implement, back-test, and fully validate their models.

The data preparation step is crucial to properly foresee the profitability and associated risk of new trading models. This data preparation work has historically been manually intensive, time-consuming and error-prone. Moreover, in a number of cases, each quant is still developing its own tools, scripts, databases and spreadsheets, creating difficulties for audit process.

"Based on the feedback of our client community, AIM Software launched a product designed for automating the data preparation steps required for developing custom mathematical models”, says Olivier Kenji Mathurin, Head of Strategic Research. “It acts as a central platform that automatically collects and cross-references data from various sources, thus eliminating the risk of error-prone manual consolidation. Moreover, it enables more accurate time-series that can be traced back, from sourcing to the usage of the data."

Today, joint-users of the products can directly access via MATLAB® the quality-controlled data collected by GAIN.

“Users can provide the date ranges and the factors they require, and only the data that’s necessary is loaded directly into MATLAB® from the server API, without requiring file manipulation - thus further empowering analysts to focus on building more effective investment models and strategies,” adds Olivier Kenji Mathurin.

Josef Sommeregger, Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer of AIM Software, comments: "GAIN is the answer to the market demand for more efficient control over data usage and data costs, which are among the top priorities of our client community. AIM Software aims to deliver the most modern platform enabling more business agility for the enterprise.”

GAIN was named "Best Buy-Side Enterprise Data Management Platform" at the Data Management Review Awards, held in London during November 2016. More recently, AIM Software has been recognized for the sixth consecutive year in a prestigious international ranking of the top 100 technology providers for risk management.

“We will continue to listen to our customers and respond with the solutions they need to enable them to both operate efficiently and address their data needs effectively”, concludes Josef Sommeregger.