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Thomson Reuters Increases Tax Professionals’ Social Media Visibility with Infographics and Fun Facts

Thomson Reuters has launched Thomson Reuters Checkpoint Marketing for Firms Social Media Infographics and Fun Facts, which provides tax and accounting professionals with weekly ready-to-publish visuals designed specifically for social media.

According to Mass Planner, infographics and other visual data are liked and shared on social media three times more than any other type of content. Social Media Infographics and Fun Facts helps firms increase visibility and improve engagement by providing professionally-designed visuals that incorporate tips, trivia, and professional recommendations tailored to their clients.

“Social media marketing is more important than ever. Compelling imagery is the best way to ensure clients and prospects stop scrolling and take the time to engage with your posts, but it can be time-consuming to find the right content to share with your audience,” said Brett Notine, senior vice president of specialty segments with the Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting business. “This solution saves time by not only providing relevant content written by tax and accounting experts, but also polishing it into striking visual formats that attract attention in a busy newsfeed.”

An annual subscription to Social Media Infographics and Fun Facts offers 52 high-design visuals intended for social media, delivered once weekly via email or through our Social Media Manager platform. It includes a mix of visual content, such as short infographics, visualized lists and pictorial trivia on tax, accounting, business and finance topics. The vivid imagery can also be repurposed on firms’ websites, in email newsletters, or in other messaging.

“Posting without visual content on social media is becoming a practice of the past,” said Melissa Dean, marketing communications specialist with Yeo & Yeo CPAs. “Our firm has discovered that eye-catching graphics capture more attention and elicit the highest interaction. Checkpoint Marketing’s new Infographics and Fun Facts subscription will allow firms to easily prioritize visual content relevant to their audiences without requiring graphics expertise, research or development time.“

This is the latest addition to Social Media Solutions from Thomson Reuters Checkpoint Marketing, which helps tax and accounting professionals showcase their thought leadership and expertise while connecting with clients and prospects via social media. Our Social Media Solutions also include Social Media Briefs, which offers weekly posts formatted specifically for the most popular B2B social media platforms in several tax-related categories, including individual tax, small business tax, estate planning, business, not-for-profit and accounting and audit; Social Media Federal Tax Posts, which allows subscribers to share timely tax developments designed for social media along with accompanying images; and Social Media Manager, a social sharing and management tool for accounting firms.