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SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning propels powerful self-learning analytics to produce insight that matters

New software is part of the SAS® Viya™ platform, an open, cloud-ready analytics architecture ready for the future

The relentless increase in computing power and the accumulation of big data over the years has sparked intense interest in machine learning and its associated techniques. The new SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning software will feed this need for smarter analytics.

Advanced analytics offer insight to businesses, but machine learning and deep learning algorithms take it deeper, revealing insights that were previously out of reach. For example, machine learning use can include facial recognition in security systems, speech recognition in customer service applications, accurate product recommendations in e-commerce, self-driving cars and medical diagnostics.

Designed to boost data scientist productivity, SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning features:

  • Flexible, web-based programming.
  • Highly scalable, in-memory data manipulation and analytical processing.
  • Powerful data manipulation and management.
  • Data exploration, variable transformations and dimension reduction.
  • Modern statistical, data mining and machine-learning techniques.
  • Integrated text analytics.
  • Model assessment and scoring.
  • Access to algorithms from Python, Lua, Java.

“SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning shatters barriers related to data volume and variety, limited analytical depth and computational bottlenecks. That means greater productivity – and faster, deeper insight,” said Hugo D’Ulisse, Head of Analytical Platform, SAS UK & Ireland. “This software will help you measure processing time for analytical modeling in seconds or minutes – not hours – and find solutions to challenging problems faster than ever.”