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BearingPoint’s solution FiRE has been selected by over 150 Swiss banks to cover liquidity regulations for LCR (Liquidity Coverage Ratio) and NSFR (Net stable funding ratio)

FiRE helps more than 150 Swiss banks to fulfill NSFR and FINMA requirements 

FINMA ( Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) started the NSFRobservation period in Q4 2014 for three years, divided into two stages. The test reporting stage ended for the largest banks assigned by the FINMA while thegeneral reporting stage has just started in Q2 2016 for all banks until Q4 2017. NSFR will be a regulatory minimum standard in Switzerland as of 2018, in line with the international timeframe. Since December 2014, FiRE helps the banks to fulfill the NSFR requirements.

Observation ratios for liquidity, which supervisory authorities use as monitoring tools, will be collected using the forms provided by the SNB (Swiss National Bank) starting in Q1 2017. As for NSFR a test reporting is obligatory for largest banks assigned by the FINMA since Q3 2015. Since September 2015, FiRE helps the banks to submit forms of observation ratios to FINMA.

FiRE is BearingPoint’s standard software for bank supervisory (FINMA) and regulatory reporting to the Swiss National Bank (SNB), the Finanzmarktaufsicht Liechtenstein (FMA) and the Central Bank of The Bahamas (CBoB). Around 200 banks in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and The Bahamas use FiRE, making it the market leader in regulatory reporting.