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Matthew Holehouse Joins MLex

The Daily Telegraph’s Brussels correspondent, Matthew Holehouse, has joined MLex Market Insight as a re­porter on its Brexit service, where he will cover the UK side of the negotiations surrounding the UK’s extraction from the European Union. ]

Matthew, who previously worked as Westminster political correspondent for the newspaper, is joining a team of journalists in London and Brussels covering the regulatory and political landscape. Further hires are expected to be announced in the coming days.

“The coming Article 50 negotiations, and prospective subsequent trade deals, will have profound implications for any company that operates in the United Kingdom and will bring about a revolution in how the country is governed,” said Holehouse. “I am delighted to be joining MLex to cover what this extraordinary political story means for business.”

In the UK and Continental Europe, and around the world, businesses are grappling with the regulatory implica­tions of the Brexit decision. What new rules will apply in the UK market, and what reciprocal access the UK can negotiate for its goods and services are critical questions for companies and their advisers.

MLex, a UK subscription-based news service providing insight, commentary and analysis on regulatory risk, will draw on its teams of reporters in London and Brussels, as well as reporters in its bureaus in Washington, San Francisco, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong and Sao Paolo, to map out the ongoing negotiations and their global impact.

“Clearly, Brexit has compounded the regulatory headaches for businesses worldwide. But with risk comes op­portunity,” said Robert McLeod, MLex’s editor in chief. “Companies will be jockeying for position to influence the new regulatory and trade regimes – on both sides of the negotiations.

Companies are already adjusting to the globalisation of regulatory risk in antitrust, anti-bribery and data privacy – Brexit adds to that compliance workload.