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Linedata Expands Linedata Global Hedge Portfolio Manager With Electra Reconciliation Integration

Linedata Global Hedge Portfolio Manager clients can now easily integrate best-of-breed Electra Reconciliation 

Linedata (NYSE Euronext: LIN), the global solutions provider dedicated to the investment management and credit industries and Electra Information Systems (Electra), the leading provider of state-of-the-art reconciliation solutions for the asset management industry, today announced the integration of Electra Reconciliation and Linedata Global Hedge Portfolio Manager. The creation of a purpose-built interface between Electra Reconciliation and the Linedata platform provides hedge fund managers with immediate integration through an adapter created and supported by both Linedata and Electra assuring reliable and continued interoperability.

Traditional account reconciliation (positions, transactions and cash) and management of non-standard matching and reconciliation such as system-to-system, P&L, collateral, security master data and pricing data are now easily achieved for Linedata users.

The combination of Electra Reconciliation with Linedata Global Hedge Portfolio Manager enables efficient operations by automating the identification of exceptions and by providing greater visibility into the exception management process. Electra Reconciliation automates and simplifies reconciliation processes, reducing overhead costs and associated operational risks. This includes the recent introduction of an intuitive NAV/TPV (net asset value/total portfolio valuation) workspace, benefitting investment managers who struggle to reconcile a portfolio’s NAV—a critical component of client billing and reporting.

Before the integration of Electra Reconciliation with Linedata Global Hedge, asset managers were responsible for developing the necessary data extracts to conduct reconciliations independently, often in spreadsheets. This created duplicate processes, leading to costly and time consuming errors in portfolio reconciliations.

“Hedge funds have told us about their desire to achieving accurate and timely reconciliation across their portfolio holdings. Providing hedge funds with integration to Electra’s award winning reconciliation application delivers a robust and best-of-breed solution for reconciliation,” said Patricia Regnault Fouqueray, European Head of Asset Management at Linedata. “The integration of Electra Reconciliation with Linedata Global Hedge is a crucial part of the Linedata 2018 global leadership strategy to offer clients a global, high-quality, scalable solution.”

“Our work with Linedata helps us deliver Electra’s best-of-breed application to the growing community of Linedata’s clients, helping Linedata Global Hedge users achieve improved automation in their reconciliation operations” said Ian Danic, Executive Director at Electra.